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Monday, March 21, 2016

Fur Boots

Happy Monday lovely readers. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and caught a glimpse of my surprise bonus post yesterday?! This past weekend was really enjoyable. I ran with my good friend and some family members in the local 5k St. Patrick's Day race. And on Sunday went to a 3 hour long St. Patrick's Day parade and enjoyed some great live music, despite the freezing cold weather that has suddenly sprung upon us. We actually are getting snow today and a surprise snow day! Welcome to spring in New England. As a result I wanted to take advantage of this cold front and share with you my roll down fur boots. I've had these for years but can't manage to get rid of them just yet. Anyway, how did you spend your weekend? 

I love this particular outfit because it's so practical for these freezing temperatures CT experienced this weekend and not one thing cost more than $50. These lush dresses are one of my favorites to pair with leggings. They are so comfortable and a great length. Actually for ladies under 5'8" it is the perfect transitional dress to opt for converse instead of leggings.

Fur Boots is definitely a fad. I also think either you love it or you hate it. Personally I love it, in fact this past winter Tory Burch came out with fur boots (also in scrolling widget below- on sale too) and my thoughts are if it's good enough for Tory it works for me!

Some of my blogging friends and I have talked about this critical time to take photos during. Some call it the golden hour and take full advantage of it. Others, myself included, usually prefer our photos really bright but I was pleasantly surprised with how these photos came out. I really am liking the romantic feel the setting sun provides as a natural filter. What do you think?!

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  1. i like your whole look! especially that fur boots!


  2. You have a very beautiful boots with fur!