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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

My honest review of the Polene Paris Numero Un Bag

It's no secret, I LOVE my Polene Paris bag! And apparently so do all of you! 

This is one of my most asked about and requested posts. I receive so many DM's and questions asking about my honest thoughts on the Polene Paris bag and I thought what better way to really explain it than in a blog post. 

The Bag: 


The color options. The Numero Un comes in 25 color options. I own the Trio Camel - in - Textured Leather. For this reason, it is SO versatile. Because it is not one solid tan, it pairs universally with all camel colors and looks so great with grey, black, whites, you get the picture! It's the perfect color combo to pair with all your neutrals. I also love that the logo is SO minimal. It just adds to the classic and timeless vibe of the bag.

Another pro is the double strap. This bag comes with a built in sturdy arm strap and added shoulder strap for convince. This is another reason, why I find the bag so versatile. It can be styled more than one way to create a variety of looks. I wear mine crossbody, one shoulder, and through the arm loop, all look great! The longer strap is also customizable, so it adjusts for every height. For reference, I'm 5'9" and left the strap as is. 

The quality. You can tell it is made with the finest leather. The bag is not easily scratched and the bottoms
have protective studs so you can set your bag on a surface without fear or it being destroyed. 

It's designer without the steep price tag! Like most luxury and designer bags, Polene takes extra care to add packaging and care guides for the bag. It comes in a luxury box and with a bag duster. Also for the largest size, the bag's ring up under $500 shipping and tax included. However; like all designer bags the cost of the bags increase every year, which only adds to the bags value. 

But let's be honest, I know the price tag can be intimidating. However; whenever I make ANY purchase I always factor cost/wear. For easy reference, let's say this bag is $500 all in, if you divide that bag by the year- the bag costs $41/month. Furthermore, the longer you have the bag, the more return on investment and the cheaper the cost/wear. If you have this bag for two years and wear it 10 times/month the total cost is $2/wear compared to the "trendy" $40 dress, you will only keep for one year and maybe we 4 times- costs $10/wear. 


While writing this post it was hard for me to think of con's. The bag is truly so timeless and so chic and I anticipate it's popularity will only increase. However; it can be heavy if you plan on carrying the bag for long periods of time. Honestly, I find any bag that you carry for a long time to be heavy anyway. It doesn't bother me or prevent it from being my most worn bag. An alternative would be, this size, while it doesn't come in the trio color, it is the same style, just smaller and therefore would be less heavy.

Another con, is kind of a pro as well, for right now you can only purchase the bag on their exact website. This would be a con, because it takes away some of the ease we find from shopping at major retailers we are familiar with. I think it can also be intimidating to try a new source for shopping, but  you can be rest assured, they have great customer service and provide ongoing communication about the status of your purchase. At the same time, I think this make's it a pro, because it adds to the exclusivity and luxury of a designer bag but without the major $$$ costs of typical designer bags. 

**PSA: This post is not sponsored. 
I just love my Polene Paris bag and wanted to be a honest resource for y'all.



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