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Monday, March 29, 2021

Honest Review of Polene Paris Numero Un Nano

Let's get right to it- Are Polene Paris Bags worth the money? 

YES- 100% yes, they are worth the money. 

Polene Paris bags have quickly becoming a favorite at Roses and Rain Boots, and I was so excited to add the Numero Un Nano to my collection! To read more about Polene Paris bags, read my review on the Polene Paris Numero Un bag here. 

I quickly feel in love with Polene Paris bags when I noticed some of my favorite European bloggers styling them. I was attracted to the overall aesthetic of the brand and the bags themselves. They are such a classic and versatile design. 


Numero Un Nano: 

Pros & Cons

The color. When choosing pieces like bags, and coats, anything that I plan to wear with multiple outfits, always opt for a neutral color. The key to building a last wardrobe is by investing in classic pieces and neutral colors definitely helps. You should not have to buy something new to match your new bag- make it work for you! I didn't have any bags in the grey-tones and for this reason I knew this 2021 spring color: chalk, would be the perfect addition. I absolutely love the gold hardware, I think it becomes immediately more versatile. I love to mix metals and this bag is perfect compliment. 
**PS, they also just released my favorite color combo, the trio camel, in the nano size! 

The size. This bag comes with a built in sturdy arm strap and added shoulder strap for convince, just like the Number Un. This is another reason, why I find the bag so versatile. It can be styled more than one way to create a variety of looks. However; for this style in particular, I gravitate more for the crossbody/ shoulder bag option.  I also love that despite it's petite size, the bag really holds its posh structure. Plus, because of its petite size it is naturally more lightweight. I find that while my Number un holds a lot more, it can get heavy after a long day. Naturally, the Numero Un Nano is very light and comfortable for long days. This is a great option if you don't carry a lot of things in your bag. For example, it will not fit a full-size wallet. But will fit, your phone, card carrier and a few miscellaneous items like a face mask, hand sinister, lip gloss, etc.

Again- the quality. You can tell it is made with the finest leather. The bag is not easily scratched and the bottoms have protective studs so you can set your bag on a surface without fear or it being destroyed.I get questions a lot about scratches. The pebbled texture of this color combo really prevents scratches and definitely hides any imperfections. Comparatively, my Numero Un has a smooth flap, which has some very and minor subtle scratches that are only visible when looking for them/ inspecting the bag. 

The price. This bag rings up at a fraction of the color for most designer bags. At only $260, the cost/wear is so reasonable. 


                                                                 shirt // sweater // jeans // loafers // Polene Paris bag c/o

How do I purchase a Polene Paris bag? 

Right now, the only way to purchase a Polene Paris bag is on their website. At first, this can seem a bit intimidating, you can read more about their return policy here; however, I think it only adds to its exclusivity and value. 




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