February 2019 ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, February 25, 2019


exact apple watch // exact cardigan // exact dress, sleeveless style 
exact boots old, similar boots // similar tote // exact sunnies // similar earrings

Today I'm changing up the style of the blog post from the tradition OOTD to talk about one of my favorite accessories. An Apple watch wasn't even on my wish list when B gifted me one for my birthday this past fall. I was so overwhelmed with his generosity that I didn't even take it out of the box for over a week and a half before B told me to try it out. The watch came with a 30-day trial period, which was such a relief. During this time, you could set up the watch, try it out, and decided whether to keep it or not. It also gave me peace of mind that I could honestly use the watch in my day-to-day lifestyle to determine if I even liked it.

Naturally, since you are reading this post in February, I clearly decided to keep it.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

First Book Review of 2019

exact sweater, on sale here too // exact denim // exact Hunter Boots

On rainy/snowy days my favorite place to be (other than our home) is a book store. I love the whole vibe in a book store. This Monday it was cold and rainy, so my mom and I took a trip to browse the new arrivals. We both have a mission to read all the books we have in our house.  Do you ever find that the books your select is a direct reflection of your mood that day? And sometimes I don't feel like reading the ones I have. I have SO many nonfiction texts on my to-read list, and while they are all books I want to read, I don't find myself devouring them the same way I would if it was a thriller or romance story.

Without even intending to, I have another themed post. I have the same goal in 2019, that I did in 2018 to read a book a week this year and while I'm embarrassed to admit I am not maintaining that goal, I am proud to admit that I have really stepped outside my comfort zone and challenged myself to read books I wouldn't normally select.

Today's book reviews actually center around books that feature strong women! If you are looking for books that remind of the power and influence you have as a woman, I've got you covered.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Spring Transition Items, Sale Round-Up, and The Bachelor Recap

exact thermal (also on sale here) // exact bralette // exact cardigan // exact denim
exact sunnies // exact heart necklace // similar leopard shoes here & here 

February is always such a weird month. March is even worse. During these months I crave springtime, but living in New England means we have two more months of winter. This weekend I was fighting a cold. The thing about colds that are so annoying is that they seem to hang on for forever. During this time of year, I usually try to double up on my vitamin C intake and lots of fluids to help keep my immune system up. However; on the flip side the cold actually forced me to have some much needed relaxation time. I was able to spend the weekend catching up on blog stuff, reading (be sure to check back on Wednesday for my book review), and shopping online.

Because these months can be so gloomy, I wanted to share a few pieces that are great for transitioning and on sale.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

January Instagram Round- Up & the one item you NEED

I can't believe how much Y'all enjoyed reading this post, Coffee Hour with Lo and Taking a Look at the Blog's Yearly Review. I had so much fun reviewing the stats from last year and was so pleased to learn Y'all liked it too. Obviously, I work full-time, but I really feel blogging has become even more than a full time job. Not because it's paying the bills, but because I love it so much and also because of the time I dedicate to it.

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to post every day on Instagram (so far so good) but as a result, not every post makes it on the blog. Therefore, I wanted to share some favorites from Instagram on the blog in a round-up form. The focus of this round-up without intending too actually highlights one of my FAVORITE splurges, styled three different ways.

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Starting a Capsule Wardrobe & The Bachelor Recap

Y'all with Valentine's day right around the corner, I wanted to start out by expressing some gratitude. I'm so grateful for a husband and mom who will brave the cold and deal with all complaints, just to snap some blog photos for me! People ask us all the time if B ever complains about his part-time job as my Instagram husband? I mean nobody is perfect, so I'm sure there are plenty of times when he would rather be doing something else. But one thing we have learned is that marriage is a compromise and B is probably my number one fan for the blog, (second to my mama) so every week he gets out there and makes it fun. He even motivates me to take photos on days when I'm just not feeling it, like this past weekend when it was FREEZING. So that calls for a few moments of gratitude.

Alright let's get to it, I'm really excited about today's post because it shares three of my favorite pieces: a black J. Crew jacket, black turtleneck, and grey jeans styled two different ways. These three items are basics every closet needs. If you are looking to build a "capsule wardrobe", then these items should be at the TOP of your list.

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Monday, February 4, 2019

Affordable Valentine's Day Outfits, Gift Ideas, Date Night Tips and Suggestions

Let's talk about Valentine's Day Y'all. If you are anything like B and I than you probably agree that Valentine's Day is such a high-pressure, and an overrated holiday. I mean who doesn't feel this way? But honestly, I love it. Even when I was single, my dad always made Valentine's Day so so special for both my mom and I. Often times, I think Valentine's Day becomes this BIG deal when really it's about spending time with people you love and care about to celebrate love, laughter, and happiness.

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