Once Upon a Time... ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time there was a castle in the clouds and we spent the weekend there. The castle overlooks the view of Okemo mountain keeping us pumped all weekend long about hitting the slopes! Every year my family and family friends gather for a long weekend in Vermont. The weekend is filled with laughter and adventure. Whether playing games around the gigantic dining room table, cozying up by the fire, skiing or going for a hike I need to be prepared for anything. 

My biggest goal when packing is to be practical but still fashionable! I am here to disclose my secrets to you. First, I always pack two staple bottoms: leggings and jeans. Then I pack a few colorful sweaters. I always travel with a vest to be prepared for the weather change. Sorel boots are my number one recommendation for winter boots. They are so versatile and are perfect for hiking or playing in the snow. 

When planning accessories minimalism is key. For jewelry a simple necklace and statement earrings are all that is needed to make this outfit a little more chic. I also add some RayBan sunnies and J.Crew camp socks are part of my daily staples. Lastly, I always cover my hands and ears! You loose most of your body heat from these two body parts so leaving them uncovered a big no-no's. As you learned yesterday I hate to be cold! 

So who watched The Bachelor last night? The hometown dates always bring so much drama and emotions to the surface. And there is always someone on every season who has an ex who tries to get in on the show. I never saw it as JoJo's Ex... that came out of nowhere! What did you y'all think?!

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  1. Love this effortless winter look! Beautiful photos!

    xx, Elise