What to Wear Wednesday ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What to Wear Wednesday

So I may have a slight obsession with scarves; especially blanket scarves. The bigger the better. They are so comfortable and practical since they actually keep you really warm! Often times, I open mine up a lot and wrap it around my shoulders like a shawl when I need extra warmth. 

I am a huge fan of this sweater and light weight layers combo because they are long enough to pass as a short tunic, because let's face it, I am a firm believe that leggings are not pants. Yes, I've said it. I know this is not what most people think or wear, but I am a school teacher so besides weekends I couldn't even wear something like this to work. I do however, think leggings are the (or my) perfect solution for a dress that is too short!

Instead of the typical triangle wrap I usually do, I tried something new today and pulled the ends up around one more time to give more definition to the scarf without over taking the outfit (which sometimes happens). And just in case you were wondering this is another scarf from Amazon, what is better than a scarf under $15 and free two day shipping! 

Pearls and Diamond Heart Studs are my go-to's. If I'm not wearing an outfit on the blog these are usually what i'm wearing!

& let's not forget my favorite bag!

Thanks for checking in! Happy HUMP day!
And just in case you wanted to do some shopping...
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Vest, Bag and Boots are all old! 
Disclaimer: I do not receive commission if you buy something, but I would love to know if I have helped to inspire outfits for you in anyway :)


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