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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Love is in the air: I'm talking Bridal Showers and Baby Showers

Now that Easter is behind us, Wedding season and baby showers galore will be upon us and I have just the website for you!

I was so excited and flattered when eShakti reached out to me and offered me a complimentary product. I have to tell you my only hesitation was choosing what product. I fell in love with many of their choices but eventually settled on this gorgeous green floral dress. I love the slight flare/midi skirt feel of the dress. I knew it would be a great option for dressing up at work or my friend's upcoming baby shower. The dress is one of those classic styles that makes you feel instantly girlie and fabulous when you put it on.

My favorite thing about this dress is definitely the pockets.  Pockets are essential for me. I rarely bring my bag into events (although I have a huge obsession with purses) I usually just struggle and try to carry my phone, car key and lipgloss, hence why pockets are a game changer for me. Now I officially have a place to keep my essentials while still looking fashionable and chic.

Because the pattern on this dress was such a stand alone I wanted to keep my jewelry, simple but eye catching. I LOVE these earrings, originally there was two large circles full of bling but they were way to heavy so my daddy, being the amazing guy he is, took the second circle off and attached new hooks. Now I have two awesome earrings, one work appropriate and one party ready! I also love my custom monogramed bar necklace from my sweetie. He got this for me on our anniversary, I love it because it is not the typical showy "heart jewelry" but carries so much sentiment with it. 

And just so you know: eShakti is a unique website that offers custom sizes and STYLE. At first glance you may not realize how awesome this actually is. But how many times do you look at a dress and think "I would totally buy this if ___ was different." Well now you can make that dress just the way YOU want it! With the customization eShakti offers you will be spoiled with all the wonderful choices you have to make the dress uniquely fit your style (clearly a theme for the week). Plus eShakti is made for fashionable ladies like you and me, they are centered around creating real fashion for real people. 

Lastly, for a limited time exclusively for you (my lovely readers) since eShakti knows how fabulous you are, you can get 10% off your order now until 4/29/16 with code: rosesandrainboots! I can't wait to see what you get. 
Don't forget you can like both: eShakti and Roses and Rain Boot's Facebook pages! 

Thanks for checking in and Happy HUMP Day. The good news?! The week is officially half-way over. Come on weekend, I'm ready for ya. 
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  1. So cute! Would be perfect for a bridal or baby shower!

    1. YES! I just wore it to my friend's baby shower this weekend & LOVED it!

  2. Cute! Love the earrings.


    1. Thanks love- Ps check out today's post for the direct link they are on a HUGE promo!!

  3. I LOVE this dress and it is SO perfect for the shower season! Pockets are SO amazing and how cool is it that this dress has that!! Thanks for sharing xo C

  4. This green print looks so good on you! Hugs, Kait

  5. So cute! Love the color and pattern.

  6. Loved this look. Would like to get all this stuff for my cousin’s bridal shower. For her wedding, I have bought a beautiful green sequin dress which would go perfectly with her indoor wedding venues Los Angeles. Thank you very much for sharing these photos here.