a Printed dress, a monogram & a pom-pom, of course! ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Thursday, April 7, 2016

a Printed dress, a monogram & a pom-pom, of course!

I can't believe the weather lately, I thought it was supposed to be spring! We had snow flurries last weekend and have some flurries on the forecast again this weekend. Having started my blog in the winter the weather has to have been my BIGGEST challenge. Actually it has been so unbearably cold this week and last weekend I haven't been able to take any updated photos. Yesterday my boyfriend and I took a drive down to the beach (I live a block away) because it was that cold. I ended up having to run back to the car half way through to warm up. In addition to fighting the wind the whole time. Between my dress and hair, I couldn't win. Wind-1 Lauren-0. #bloggingstruggles.

I absolutely love this dress from Francesca's. This whole look is actually my number one go-to when I don't know what to wear or am having a creative block.  We all have days where we stand in our closet and state "I have nothing to wear." I think I have even said that before on the blog, because this is a regular statement out my mouth and I know I actually have too many clothes. That is part of my problem too many options mixed with "ok" pieces really affect my energy and attitude when picking an outfit. Since graduating college and having to #adult I have really had to stick to a budget for clothes. This has made a huge difference and impact in ensuring I buy what "sings to my heart." 

I use this philosophy with everything I buy. I try to old make a purchase if I know I love it 100% and it goes with more than one thing in my closet! This I have said before. 

Lastly, these Frye boots were completely and utterly worth the money. They feel so chic on and have a nice long "shaft" height of the boot. Like I shared yesterday, being tall can have it's downfalls, my full body shots don't usually fit in the instagram square and boots are usually "too short". And now because it's towards the end of the season you can definitely get some boots on sale. 

Currently on my Playlist: Stubborn Love by the Lumineers 
Current Book of the Week: Me Before You by JoJo Moyers, my book club read and a year-long Daily Religious Devotional to help center my thoughts, build my confidence and relax a little! 

Thanks for checking in!
xx, Lo

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  1. I love the lumineers! You have great taste in music and style. Love it!

  2. lo--must be hard shooting in those temps up there!! i have the same prob in texas in the summer when its 100+ out.. my posts start to slow down bc the last time i checked, sweaty is NOT IN. lol. i have to agree, my philosophy when it comes to buying is "if you don't love it, don't buy it" ya know? and YEP, Frye boots are worth EVERY PENNY!! i have the melissa button one and love them!! they are so comfy. also, that KS keychain is so cute, but i KNOW i DO NOT need another pom pom. you have the opposite problems from me, i'm short as heck! PS--thanks for sharing the song! i loved listening to it while reading your post. also, i'm READING THE SAME BOOK!!!!!!! xoxo,

    janna | www.jannadoan.com

  3. Great look! Perfect for every girl.. I like your style of clothing. i am just going to search for tank tops for women.. :D