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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

5 Simple & Easy Tips for Planning a Bachelorette

{photo credit from the girls}
For bachelorette's it is all about making the bride feel special. Part of this is understanding the bride and her idea of a perfect night or weekend. Over the past couple of years, bachelorette parties have become a huge expense in addition to the wedding. In order to be budget friendly while still ensuring a great time I created a list of 5 simple & easy tips to creating a great bachelorette!

1. Get everyone involved at an affordable cost! How adorable are these tattoo's?! Oh my gosh, I am so in love. I'm also OBSESSED with the Etsy Boutique shop owner, Chantelle. She is seriously the sweetest. While making the purchase, she helped work with me to ensure the style of the tattoos mirrored the style of the bride! She also has a fast turnaround rate. This is HUGE for me, because often times I get SO frustrated with Etsy. I understand most items are hand-made, etc. but they take so long to ship! Lastly, she has the best rates and quality, and she's offering all my lovely readers (that's you!) 20% off with code: TATTOO20. 

2. Make the bride stand out! Having the bridal party wear all black, while the bride wears white or a color of her choice, is a chic and easy way to make the bride stand out on her big night! 

3. Play fun games! It's rare for everyone in the bridal party to know each other, so games are a super informal way to break the ice. For example, guess the "undies" is a fun way for each individual bridesmaid to show her personality. Another personal favorite is "What did the Groom say?" Prior to the bachelorette, the groom answers 20 questions, varying from "the moment he knew he would be marrying his bride" to "his favorite band" and "to biggest pet peeves". It's a fun way to get the night started and make it all about the soon-to-be newlyweds. 

4. Make and reuse decorations. Pinterest is literally a lifesaver for decorations. I found the cutest little DIY tutorials on glitter cups and paper heart garland. These little touches make the weekend more special. 

5. Gather money ahead of time. Having everyone pay ahead of time allows for there to be payments made without it falling on one person. It also avoids that awkward time when the bill comes at the end of the night. 

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  2. Love your blouse and the cute tattoos �� I actually planned one last year it is so much fun right?! Looks like it was amazing!!


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