Yes, you CAN wear white after Labor Day AND after Columbus Day ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, October 17, 2016

Yes, you CAN wear white after Labor Day AND after Columbus Day

While doing some blog work this weekend I realized I still had these photos from our amazing vacation we took at the end of summer to Ogunquit, Maine. I also realize that fall has completely taken over Instagram & Pinterest accounts everywhere, you're probably thinking this outfit is a little behind the seasons. But it is still getting up to the 70's during the day, which makes it difficult dressing, when it's 45 degrees in the morning.  To tackle this in-between weather, layers are key. By tossing on a navy cardigan and sweater and I've created the perfect fall outfit with just enough warmth to beat the early morning chill. 

Not wearing white after Labor Day is such a passé, outdated, fashion rule now. I love bright colors, and still find ways to use them in my fall looks. Stay tuned next week for a post on how I transitioned these white flares into a classic fall look. 

Here's a sneak peak: 



  1. I never let fall stop me from wearing white! For two reasons... 1) I just call them winter whites and 2) I live in Florida so you can pretty much get away with wearing summer clothes all year long :)

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