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Monday, March 13, 2017

Good friends are like a warm, cozy sweater

Good morning gorgeous! I urge you to scoop up this gorgeous number from Free People before it's gone. This sweater is currently on sale at multiple locations & I've linked them all for you. It is definitely one of the softest and most flattering sweaters I own. I actually love it so much I ordered it in black. This particular color, terracotta, is such a statement and yet, still a neutral.

Shop the look: 

Free People Sweater- On Sale @Macys,  Nordstrom, and Free People
 jeans // bag // gold necklace // boots- sold out

So I'm sure you are wondering about my inspiration for today's post title? I promise you there's a connection. When I wear a warm cozy sweater, like this one pictured today, my basic needs are met and my heart is full and happy. After spending quality time with friends and family my heart is full and happy. These past weekends have been so lovely, because we were able to spend both of the previous weekends with friends, which I often complain we don't do enough. Friends are so important to both of us, so B & I constantly make spending time with them a priority. During a lot of my 'better living' reading, the author's encourage the reader to always say "yes" to every invite they receive. While this was challenging at first for us, once we made the shift, I have felt more content & happy. It's so easy just to say to "no" because of the never ending excuses, but every-time I rally and say "yes" I am always so pleased that I went. To me, happiness is being blessed with great friends. So, lovely, what do you to make yourself & your heart happy?

Also, speaking of 'better living' reads, the following two books are currently on my reading list:
You Learn By Living and The Curated Closet

What is on your reading list? Leave a comment below:



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