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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

How to Style Tieks for Casual Wear

Y’all, (yes, I am still stuck in a southern state of mind) I get asked ALL the time about my Tieks. While in Charleston, people were stopping ME to find out about my skirt {pictured here} and my TIEKS. The questions are always the same; everyone wants to know, honestly: are they worth the price and are they REALLY that comfortable??

The answer is found in the rest of this blog post so you will have to keep reading …

YAY, you decided to keep reading!

So, in order to really share my true thoughts on Tieks I created a three part series for the blog and it starts today. This series will feature one pair of Tieks styled 3 different ways. The first way I styled Tieks is casually. The idea behind this look is #weekendvibes.  I love to spend time on the weekend running errands, grabbing coffee, spending time with my closest friends and family and reading. As a result, I need to be comfortable but I also want to look cute.

I am a HUGE fan of distressed denim. I love the way they look and as a result, they are my go-to on the weekend; however, they make outfits look a little more casual or sloppy than I prefer.  My ballerina pink Tieks help me keep my casual looks chic, while keeping my feet comfortable. YES, Tieks are THAT comfortable. Most people worry about the heel on a pair of flats, but Tieks are specifically designed for blister free, long-lasting wear. There is a flat part of the heel to keep it from digging in & honestly it never has. They also have their signature teal bottoms that provide extra cushion and support. The only spot that I occasionally experience any discomfort is at the toe. Sometimes, after a really long day, 8 am to 8pm (I always wear them on parent-teacher conference days) the end of the shoe pinches my toe. However, the pain is not nearly enough to keep me from wearing both of my pairs frequently.

I hope you enjoyed part one of my open & honest review of Tieks: Styled 3 Ways! Stay tuned for next week's post.
xx, Lo



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