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Monday, May 15, 2017

J. Crew Factory sale & 12 things you probably didn't know...

... about ME
Happy Monday... do people really think of Monday's as happy? I mean next to the Sunday scaries, Monday's are probably worst day of the week; which is why I think it's EXTRA important to start your Monday off right. Lucky for you, you have already made the right choice by choosing to read today's post. Today I'm featuring my summer uniform & 12 things you probably didn't know about me. With only 25 days left of school, I will soon be living in looks like this one. I know these denim shorts are a little pricy, but I'm telling you they are SO worth it. The coloring and distressing is ah-mah-zing!  

Shop today's look: 

Thanks to my sweet blogger friend, Chelsea from LoweCoPetite for tagging me in this spring challenge to share 12 new things with y'all. Be sure to head on over to her blog- link here, because she is just the cutest! 

Alright so here goes nothing... 

  1. I am a VERY private person, which is hilarious and ironic because I have a blog. 
  2. I'm a super, scratch that, an extremely picky eater. I love junk food, chips, Doritos especially are my weakness. I guess you can say I basically live on a carb. diet.
  3. My first job was at a flower nursery. I wanted to quit everyday for the first summer I worked there and then went back to work there for six more years. Clearly I warmed up to the job.
  4. My family is SO important to me. I cherish the time we get to spend together. After my grandfather passed away, we had weekly Sunday dinner's with my Yaya. This was sacred time. Attendance was mandatory. This is definitely something I hope to instill as part of my future family's traditions.
  5. When I started Kindergarten I also started to dress myself. My mom always says I was a fan of pattern mixing even then! I also was a huge fan of the side pony (ha. ha.) so glad I have outgrown that one. 
  6. Friends are a huge part of my life. I am so blessed to have the amazing and supportive friends that I do.
  7. I listen to music everyday.  It's how I start everyday. 
  8. While on the subject on music. I. can't. stand. rap music. It is not for me.
  9. I love to read. And I especially love to read a good thriller, even though I HATE everything scary. Literally though. I can't even watch scary previews. 
  10. I have challenged myself to read 24 books this year. My current read is: Blink, buy yours here to join my virtual book club. I will be recapping my favorite parts on the blog & updating y'all on my predictions via Instagram stories. 
  11. I was SO scared to start this blog. Seriously, all I could think about was "What if no one reads it?" or worse "What if people read it and hate it, or make fun of me?" However; the results have been completely the opposite I am always so surprised to hear how many people read the blog & better yet LOVE it. Starting the blog was definitely one of the best things I have done. 
  12. If it wasn't for my fiancĂ© I wouldn't have this blog. Special thanks to him, for all the endless support and patience he shows me. 
I hope y'all enjoyed getting to know me a little better. I can't wait to hear what y'all thought about it. Be sure to leave me a note about what surprised you most! And lastly happy Monday ;)
xx, Lo 



  1. Loved getting to know you!
    I can just see you as a little girl with mixed patterns! LOL
    I actually LOVE that about you and how you are the QUEEN of choosing the perfect patterns to combine!
    xo, Shell

  2. Thanks for sharing and I will have to read that book you recommend!