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Monday, September 4, 2017

Tips for creating professional and fashionable looks for Work

Work doesn't have to mean boring. I love fashion because it's a way of expressing myself and my creativity. I love finding great closet staples, like this skirt from Loft, that easily makes a statement. Some of my quick and easy tips for keeping my outfits professional are:
First, put outfits together that match- I love colorful outfits and matching helps to keep the outfit looking put together. 
Secondly, keep it modest. Being tall, it can be a challenge to find skirts or dresses that are long enough, so I am conscious to keep my shirts modest. To keep this outfit modest pair it with a denim jacket or black cardigan. 

Shop today's look:

Life update: Over the course of the long weekend, B & I had a great time visiting with friends. We actually went to our first ever escape room- which was so fun! Once in the escape room you have one hour to solve a series of puzzles that will lead you into the next rooms. Each room contains various puzzles that each require a different set of skills to solve this way everyone has the opportunity to participate. In the end, we escaped just in the nick of time! I think my favorite part of the event is that each room tells a story, which plays a big part in the clues and puzzles. 

Lately, I have been reading so many great thrillers. I love how engaging the story lines are. I find that the story lines typically require excellent writing and story telling  skills to prevent giving away the kidnapper, killer, etc. My most recent read was: Never Let You Go... two words: READ IT. It was so good! 

How was your long weekend?? 



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