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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

affordable winter layers

Who would have thought that after having a surprise four day weekend (we had a snow day Thursday AND Friday last week) that the struggle to get motivated for work this week was IS real. I have been having major #realworldproblems because I continuously can't decide what to wear. I have to dress practically, because due to the setup of our building I have to walk in and out of the building multiple times a day, so two things are at the forefront of my mind when choosing an outfit of the day: warmth & shoes. And I realized, this outfit is easily one of my favorite go-to's.
Confession, I own this dress in three colors because it's under $25 and it's that good.

Shop the look:

and if all else fails, stay warm with love. 

exact jacket // exact dress, have & love this color too // similar sweater // 

These are just a few of photos from our last full day in London. B strategically planned out all our tourist-y sightseeing adventures early in the week so we could fully maximize our time, which left us with Saturday completely open for re-visiting our favorite locations. I think it's safe to say, exploring Tower Bridge and the financial district was one of our favorites. The most unique feature of the financial district is that it is completely built up around the historical aspects of London. So on one street, the waterfront, you will find Shakespeare's Globe Theatre; but on the next street you will find one of London's most modern buildings.



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