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Monday, January 29, 2018

Why you shouldn't hit snooze; managing your productivity

The weeks have just been crazy y'all! Do you ever feel like you have SO much to do and then an hour goes by and you think "what did I just accomplish?!" Lately, I felt like I haven't been very good at managing my productivity. I have however found that there is plenty of time in the day, I am not that busy, and I need to rethink the way I get things done. While listening to a podcast on my drive to work the other day, the speaker reminded me how crucial it is to spend just 5 minutes a day with my thoughts, prayers, and God. Joyce Meyers, the podcast speaker, put it into real perspective for me; she said how one snooze on the alarm clock adds up to 4 days a year! I couldn't believe that. That was the reminder I needed to organize my time more wisely, work smarter not harder, right?

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In order for me to feel more accomplished and in turn less stressed, I needed to rethink how I was structuring my days, so that not only was I accomplishing what I needed too; but I also wanted more free time, for trying new things like calligraphy. In doing this, I realized how important daily quiet some time was to my soul. Every morning I enjoy my 5 minutes of quiet time, while I enjoy my fresh cup of coffee, read my daily devotional, and just spend some time gathering my thoughts and centering myself for the day. After that, I am better able to think about my day in a work smarter not harder mindset and create some lists (hence why I am going to LOVE the bullet journaling system) managing and prioritizing the tasks I hope to accomplish today.

What do you do to help center yourself?



  1. Love your style as always! We have the same Hunters! Journalling has definitely increased my productivity and accountability.

    1. I LOVE it! They are the best. I get so much use out of mine. I'm so into it recently, hoping to be able to stick to my routine. Have you tried using a bullet journal?!