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Monday, June 4, 2018

the best pants for work

Someone the other day mentioned to me that "denim jackets are back in"... and I immediately thought wait, were they ever out?? If you don't already have a denim jacket- get one & stat. There's a huge variety of style, fits, and washes out right now... there's one to fit every style. I swear by my Pilcro Denim jacket in dark wash. I literally have to force myself to wear it only once a week. Because of that, I have been searching for a lighter wash to add into my rotation and found this gem for $40 at Old Navy. Although, it is not my absolute favorite fit; I recommend this as a more affordable option.

Shop the look: 

the BEST pants for work (I have them in navy & black- pictured) // bow tie tank, FP cami

I am super excited about publishing today's post (for those of you new to blogging- it basically means when you share your post for viewers to see it). Anyway, as a full time Literacy Specialist I NEED professional clothes. I am a firm believer that dressing up changes my mentality, attitude and overall productivity. 

What I look for in work clothes:
I need clothes for work that are practical and versatile. I also want to look classy and professional. I need clothes that allow me to literally pull up a chair (or sometimes sit on the floor) next to any student to begin conferring with them. These pull-on drapey pants allow me to be comfortable and still look and feel work appropriate. Plus they are ONLY $35!!



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