the perfect items for transitioning into fall ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, October 15, 2018

the perfect items for transitioning into fall

Getting back to it!
I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve been on a schedule that works. I’ve probably been feeling this way since right before the beginning of summer. Every week it just seems to be that B and I are so busy, but at the same time, we have been busy in the most amazing ways. I am so grateful for all the fantastic opportunities we partake in. However; I have allowed my busy schedule to serve as an excuse to take me away from blogging and I’ve missed it.

So with that said, today’s post is all about helping to kick-start me into getting back into a routine for blogging.

Where have I been?
To be honest, lately, I just haven’t been able to post. For some reason, I am now SO critical of myself, the outfits, “the aesthetic,” the photos, etc. and these factors have been prohibiting me from posting. I had to remind myself I created a blog because I love fashion. I especially love chatting fashion and sharing ideas with people I love. For starters, I LOVE when people ask me for fashion tips! My favorite is when a friend will send me a message “I just ordered that top you shared in 3 colors!” Or I love messages like “What do I wear on a first date… we are going here and here?”

So here’s to hoping I get back on track as my favorite season is in full swing! I can’t wait to share all things fall, Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with you! And here’s to hoping Y'all keep the comments & questions flowing!