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Friday, November 23, 2018

Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover

Beauty products are one of my favorite things to try. However; the prices always make it daunting to commit to trying a new product or item and Christmas is the perfect way to sample new products at more affordable prices. Today I'm sharing my top 10 items I use or are on my own personal wish-list. Plus, I've linked a few other sets that are such a great value. 

Dry Bar-- Again, these items are pricy. I know that! However; I have been on the hunt for ages now, to find y'all a more affordable option, like this one and this one, but truthfully they are not the same. Their products, especially the dry shampoo products are truly the best. Because I have complete faith in all their products, I'm actually considering asking for their hair dryer and definitely asking for this full-size goodie set

Facial Roller-- This is supposed to be giving yourself a massage. I haven't tried this yet, so I can't confirm or deny any benefits, but it's definitely something I want to try! 

Lash Primer-- I currently swear by this product. I use mascara every day and have to use this item to keep my lashes healthy. 

Lengthening Serum-- oohh... I think the name of the product says it all. This item is number one on my wish list. I can't wait to try this product to hopefully gain some lushes lashes. 

Lotion-- I swear by CeraVe lotion. It works for all skin. Early in my 20's I developed eczema, and this is the only lotion that works for my skin. Additionally, this Neutrogena face lotion is ah-mah-zing!! This is one of the products that truly works miracles. This is particularly great for "aging skin" (sorry mom) or as a preventive.

Mascara-- One of my friends recommended me this product, and now I'm addicted. Seriously, I can't go back. I love it. I've tried this dupe, which I admit is good as a back-up. But honestly, it's not comparable to the name brand for me. I find that if I mix it with another product, I get a lot of fall-out. So this year, I'm sticking with my tried and true favorite.

Mirror-- Another one of my cousin's awesome picks! A tabletop mirror is a great setup for everyday makeup. 

Shampoo & Conditioner-- I've been a Redken girl for years now, with no complaints. However; lately I've felt like my hair needs a change. As I try to keep it longer, I noticed that it seems to be struggling to grow, and I've heard great things about this brand. I've also heard it's a good idea to change up your hair products every once in a while, so here's to trying new things! 

Spiral Hair Ties-- These are by favorite my FAVORITE hair tie. I refuse to use any other kind. I am also always misplacing mine, so I'm a firm believer that you can never have enough!

T3 Curling Wand-- Disclaimer, this item is very pricey and gets super hot (definitely use a heat protector). But I've also never used a curling wand that works this good. It's truly amazing. This product works for all hair types. Plus my curls seriously last for days. 

Tula Products-- I have been waiting to purchase and try these items for a while now. All the bloggers that I also follow, love and swear by these products. As a result, I purchased this starter kit (completely on my own accord) a week ago and am loving the results, so I'm totally splurging and asking for this kit on my personal wish list, which includes full-size products! 

Undereye Concealer-- This is by far my favorite ride or die product. It is SO lightweight, a little bit goes a long way. The whole container will last you the whole year, and the product wears and lasts all day! 

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