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Monday, January 14, 2019

the boots you NEED for winter

Good morning. In an effort to #keepitreal with Y’all, I have to be honest… I was a little concerned about getting today’s post out on time. Which for me meant, if the post didn’t go live on Monday, I would be behind on my new year’s resolution or commitment to myself (and to all of you) that I was going to post every Monday. I’m not always inspired, and sometimes I struggle even to get started, whether it be picking out the day’s outfit or writing a blog post. Sometimes I’m just entirely that girl standing in my closet saying “I have nothing to wear.”

So, as a result, instead of getting frustrated or even stressed, which was something that I usually allow myself to get carried away with when I need the creative juices to flow, I’ve been trying to get up, get moving and do something. 


sorel boots // spanx leggings (also a splurge, that's totally worth it. Wait for the sale) // exact vest //
(same brand, mine is just an older make, mine is a v-neck with a turtleneck underneath, I love layers!

Although... right now, this weather is doing NOTHING for my creative juices. Currently, I would describe our season as “the weird transitional weather” which is also known as “winter” in New England. In other words, it’s miserable!  It’s obviously challenging to stay motivated and active when it looks beautiful outside, but Alexa tells me there is a high of 32degrees and feels like 17degrees outside. I mean WHO wants to go for a long walk in that cold??  Inside I’m ready for spring, but my reality is that I will be wearing thermals under sweaters and wool socks for the next three months. So get ready Y'all. My goal for the next three months is to help Y'all stay inspired, motivated, and fashionable as we brave the cold together!

I’ve been asked before, but I don’t have a set routine that helps me get creative. Although, there are a couple of tricks I’ve recently been trying. Sometimes, I like to just go for a quick drive to grab a coffee. I’ll treat myself to a small, listen to some tunes, and just take a mental break. Other times, I go for a walk with a friend, my mom, or husband. In the summer especially, I expect that I’m going to take advantage of finding a new setting to write and curate content in. Other times I like just to take a minute to dance. it. out. Any Grey’s Anatomy fans, catch this reference? It really works? And it helps that my apple watch usually yells at me “time to stand & get moving for one minute.”

However; one thing that all of these breaks have in common is… getting off my computer or phone. I’m finding that these actually are my BIGGEST time waster and distractor.

I’ve actually been considering if I need to start time blocking my days. I’ve been hearing amazing things about others who have used this method to hold themselves accountable. Have you tried this method? What way do you use to help keep yourself organized and productive?

Recently, I took a pole on Instagram asking if Y’all prefer sales or if you were willing to splurge once in a while. After giving this pole I received an overwhelming response, 89% in fact, agree that it’s okay to splurge once in a while. The best part about the investment that I’m raving about in today’s post do go on sale! So, be sure to check in on Instagram, where I’ll keep everyone up to date on sales!

I actually consider “splurging” on items to be an investment because these are items that I think a lot about before purchasing. I consider how much wear I will get out of item, in addition to the quality. For me to splurge on an item, the item has to consist of a quality and be a style/trend that will last me years to come.

Today I’m sharing the boots you NEED (or want depending upon if it's B telling you this) for winter. I’m going to start out by being very frank: Sorel Boots are expensive. I know this.  We all work hard for our money, so I understand it is sometimes painful to lay down $190 (yikes) to purchase a new pair of boots. However; these are entirely worth the investment and will last for years to come. As soon as the “Fawn” color (pictured) was released this year, I knew I had to have them. For me, these were a practical pair of boots that completely captures my unique style.

Currently, there are two different types of Sorel boots that are popular. Pictured in today’s post are the Joan of Arctic style. These are a more substantial boot that is a little wider all around but is one of the reasons I like this style. I actually love and prefer the fullness of the fur and the overall boot itself. These are great for hiking, going to the ski mountain, or even just shoveling the driveway. They are extremely warm and are waterproof. The second style that has recently become more popular is the Tofino style. These boots are also waterproof and are more of a narrower fit. Honestly, I think the styles are comparable, it comes down to personal preference. Either way, be sure to pick the pair & color that sings to your heart and matches your wardrobe. Don’t buy a pair, hoping to match your wardrobe to them. It won’t work. Buy the pair, that compliments what you already own, and you’ll find you’re wearing them all the time!

Other outfit suggestions:
Sorel boots, boots socks, skinny jeans, long tunic sweater only $15, but selling out FAST.

*If I have somehow managed to convince you, not that you needed any convincing, to purchase these beauties... please, please, please use one of the links in this blog to purchase them! :) 

Thank you for your support!

Also, I can't believe I almost forgot to ask... Who's watching The Bachelor tonight?
I wasn't sure how I would feel about the season. Truth be told. I'm already into it. It gets me everytime!



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