Starting a Capsule Wardrobe & The Bachelor Recap ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, February 11, 2019

Starting a Capsule Wardrobe & The Bachelor Recap

Y'all with Valentine's day right around the corner, I wanted to start out by expressing some gratitude. I'm so grateful for a husband and mom who will brave the cold and deal with all complaints, just to snap some blog photos for me! People ask us all the time if B ever complains about his part-time job as my Instagram husband? I mean nobody is perfect, so I'm sure there are plenty of times when he would rather be doing something else. But one thing we have learned is that marriage is a compromise and B is probably my number one fan for the blog, (second to my mama) so every week he gets out there and makes it fun. He even motivates me to take photos on days when I'm just not feeling it, like this past weekend when it was FREEZING. So that calls for a few moments of gratitude.

Alright let's get to it, I'm really excited about today's post because it shares three of my favorite pieces: a black J. Crew jacket, black turtleneck, and grey jeans styled two different ways. These three items are basics every closet needs. If you are looking to build a "capsule wardrobe", then these items should be at the TOP of your list.

Shop the post: 

In my opinion, the overall point of a capsule wardrobe is to keep impulse buying down, avoiding the feeling of "I have nothing to wear," and to have a modest wardrobe. I think the biggest draw of a capsule wardrobe for me is the infinite outfits you are supposed to be able to create just by mixing up your favorite pieces.

I get the request for workwear often, which is something I enjoy because working in education, blue jeans are not part of my regular rotation. For this post, I wanted to share a way that I take basics (as part of a beginning capsule wardrobe) and mix them for work and for play. For a day in the office, typically a Friday, if I opt for colored jeans I always pair it with a fitted dressy top and heels. It doesn't matter on the height of heels, but heels are the easiest way to make an outfit chic and work appropriate. If you don't see heels being part of your capsule wardrobe, invest in a solid pair of ballet flats. The right pair can elevate the look of any outfit.

On that same note, a quick way to take an outfit from 9-5, to after work drinks or play is by changing your shoes. I know y'all are probably sick of these steve madden shoes since they have been on major repeat on Instagram, but they are the real deal. They are seriously so comfortable.  Basically, these are my version of sneakers.

When creating a capsule wardrobe it is important to choose colors that you love. Once you pick a few, own them and stick it your palette. I know it's surprising since it's basically been a staple in every single blog post lately, the color black is not typically a color in my wardrobe in the spring and summer months, but it's such a quick and easy way to look polished. It's also a neutral, so that makes it especially easy to mix and match with different pieces. What are some of your favorite colors?

On another note, I'm not sure how I feel about "The Bachelor" this season. I was skeptical from the beginning, but after the first night, I thought maybe the season was going to be good... and since then, I am continuously disappointed. Anyone else feeling this way? I miss the days of Becca, Jo-Jo, Lauren B, and Amanda. Those girls BROUGHT it. They brought real life, class, and my personal favorite, fashion! Those girls knew how to create a fabulous look and set trends.

Honestly, this season just seems boring. I know Demi is SUPER EXTRA and can be a bit crazy... but that girl is unapologetically herself. I appreciate her self-assurance and confidence, it is a quality all women should aim for. Maybe not to her level or extreme-ness, but I do hope to have some of her self-assurance and hair. I like that she doesn't make any excuses for who she is. It takes a special kind of person to be that comfortable in their own skin.

Hannah G had me from "hello" literally. Hannah's first "real" conversation with Colton during night one was so cute and genuine. I'm not sure if there's any other word to describe it. Seriously, the way he brought some of his mom's tips to their convo, and he helped her to feel more relaxed, that's what everyone wants in their life! But since then, she's basically been MIA. I keep wanting more, she even got skipped one week for dates...wait, what does that mean! It kind of reminds me of Catherine and Sean, Catherine kind of snuck up on everyone for the win and they are a perfect match!

Apparently, Cassie is a fan favorite by the audience and the girls on the show! Who even knew? I didn't see their one-on-one date coming. She's super sweet and lovely, but I'm not sure if their relationship is about a great personal connection or based on that initial lust most relationships bring. The girls in the house seem to be most threatened by Cassie's and Caelynn's relationship with Colton... but I'm not 100% convinced yet.

Also, I can't believe I haven't even mentioned it yet!!! How is everyone feeling about Colton's vlogging that they are sharing randomly during each episode? I'm going to be honest, I hate it! The vlogs appear and feel so unnatural. Plus, the show already shares so many professional interviews, it just throws off the vibe for me.

As the season progresses, it's already half-way over, I'm hoping we can see a little more of all the girls and especially Colton's personality.  I'm also hoping for a bit more hair and fashion inspo too. B is patiently waiting for the night Colton "quits" and jumps over the fence... you know, the clip they keep posting as a teaser. Let's hope it's tonight!



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