Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 First Impressions ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 First Impressions

Hey there! Is everyone ready for the #NSale that FINALLY goes live tomorrow 12:30pm ET for cardholders?? While I love shopping the sale and sharing all my favorite finds, I really dislike the extra stress it brings. It's frustrating as a blogger, because there are a few items featured in today's post that I just LOVE, but I also know they will sell out. It feels a bit like Hunger Games, "may the odds be ever in our favor" that all our sizes will be in stock!

I'm hoping today's post will help you narrow down some of your shopping needs so we can all be fully prepared to shop the sale when it goes live. If I am one of the bloggers you are following during the sale, THANK YOU! If you want to help me get credit during the sale, click on ANY of the links featured in today's post before you get started shopping. 
I hope that you find me as a resource. 

xx, Lo

Shop items featured in today's post: 

Also, just a disclaimer, in today's post I'm featuring a few of things that I was able to preview in store, that I think are worth the investment. The store that I am closest too (which isn't even that close) has a limited selection so I was only able to try one some of the items that have caught my eye during the sale. With that said, I am not purchasing every item here, some of the items are items that I already own and don't have a "need" for, but I wanted to be sure to give y'all some great options!

This first outfit is by far my favorite from the sale. IT combines all of my favorite things, a cozy cardigan, easy cami, and a good pair of jeans.

I've always had a love of designer jeans. Being tall, I usually found it challenging to shop at for jeans, they just never seem to fit me right. With that said, I am selective. I try NOT to settle. If I don't absolutely love the jeans, I keeping looking. I would rather own two pairs of jeans that I love, than 5 pairs that are only okay. While I loved these jeans, I actually think I'm going to order a different pair instead. 

This next outfit features: the classic BP sweater, same cami,  and denim skirt.

I wanted to try on this denim skirt because I think it is a fun piece to add to your closet that is affordable (although I did find a dupe from Target, which I will be sharing next week). A denim skirt is not something I would wear to work, therefore, it's not something I choose to spend a lot of money on.

Usually in the past I feel overwhelmed with the selection of cardigans BP has to offer and want them all, but this year I only found one. I will be honest, it's not the best quality. I would say the price is fair at $30. With that said, because it's similar to a lot of cardigans I already own, I'm going to pass on purchasing it. 
I love this sweater because it can be worn off the shoulder for a more casual look or as an everyday v-neck. This outfit is basically my fall uniform, just swap out the TB sandals for a pair of mules and booties and I'm good to go. Dress it up with a hat and scarf! 

Y'all know I love a good hat! I think a hat totally elevates any look. I'm a pink girl through and through, but I'm really debating about the black hat as well. I also think this hat will be perfect for replacing my other Brixton hat as we move into fall (not yet, tho!)

Immediately when I saw this tunic, I thought of my mom. She loves FP, rightfully so. This tunic is SO cute. It's even better in person. I love the way it looks paired with black jeans, just add a pair of heels for a chic work approved look. 
This is one of those items that I have on my wish list, to be purchased later. 

This plaid shirt is such a splurge. I can't even believe I'm recommending it. But it immediately caught my eye & the quality did not disappoint. I did size up so I could style it multiple ways. Plus, it's so versatile I wanted to show two different ways to style this top just by changing the bottoms, ripped black jeans, and AG denim. This is one of those wear now, and wear later shirts. Plus you can never have enough plaid during the fall. 

My top 5 sweaters/ cardigans: 

My favorite denim:

My top 5 shoes: 

My favorite MISC: 



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