The Ultimate Gift Guide for HER ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Ultimate Gift Guide for HER

Today I'm sharing an equally popular, highly requested gift guide for her! I'm sharing a mix of things I have and love and would recommend, along with some items currently on my wish list. The list includes a mix of affordable, stocking stuffer ideas, along with some miscellaneous items and some luxury items. 

What's on your current wish list?


Stocking Stuffers
Little Words Project 
I am truly OBSESSED with these bracelets. Everything about their mission, the nice girl gang, is where it's at. In a community where everything can feel forced and fake sometimes, this is just a pretty reminder that YOU are awesome and to leave a little SPARKLE where ever you go! I treated myself to this exact bracelet because I lost mine at the doctors the other day. I'm also asking for one for Christmas!
Hydro Flask
This was one my gift guide for men, because it's that good Y'all. Well, I'm saying that from Brandon's advice because I don't have one. I feel like I collect water bottles and coffee cups, but ya know what they say, can't stop, won't stop. So here we are. This lilac one is on my current wish list.
iPhone Case
I saw this one and feel in love. I actually want it for my own phone. I used the loopys all last year and am truly loved it. However, it never sat flat and I was ready for a little break.

Zella live-in leggings
These are my favorite brand of leggings. I have lululemon and do think they are great, they don't slide down at all, but they are A LOT of money. These Zella leggings are such a good and affordable alternative. For the holiday season they are also offering a limited online only edition and I can't get enough of the color. These leggings are super high waisted, so they hold everything in place, whether you are running, doing a hit workout, or yoga.
Diptyque candles
These candles are so bouchée and I love everything about them. They make great decorative containers afterwards too. I like to have one in my office holding random items, such as memory cards and lipglosses.

Boho cuff bracelets
These bracelets are in my constant rotation right now. I've bought one and instantly became a fan. They are quick way to elevate any look. Currently on sale, so run, don't walk! These bracelets sell out quick!


Tory Burch Flats
Okay, these are my favorite flats for the holidays! They were a birthday gift years ago and they still look as good as new (Although, I am careful to wear them on days it isn't supposed to rain). If you are shopping for any glamour girl, these are the perfect splurge item!
Slip Pillowcases
Whether you are shopping for others or looking to treat yourself, if you are going to splurge on one item, it should be this! I never used to understand people who needed their own pillow and now I totally get it. I bring my slip pillowcase with us every wear! It is SO good for your hair and skin. My hair has been noticeably healthier since using the pillowcase and I just love the way it feels on my skin. The only downside, is they can't be dried in the dryer.
J.Crew Coat
A good coat is always on my wish list! I've been collecting J.Crew jackets for the past few years and they are worth EVERY PENNY. I have the grey & black in this style, and pink and vanilla in this style. They go on sale thoruhg-out the holiday season but they sell out fast, so don't wait when you see your size!
*Currently on my Christmas list is a camel coat

Other go-to gift ideas



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