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Monday, March 9, 2020

how to style an all-black look two different ways

outfit one: blazer // cami, also comes in a bodysuit // black denim
heels, also comes with a smaller heel // star necklace // similar gold bracelet 

Ever open up your closet and think I have nothing to wear? That used to be me. Almost every day. Seriously, I would have a closet full of clothes and think to myself I have nothing to wear. I was discouraged continuously, always feeling like I needed to purchase new items, and I wouldn't feel that way anymore.

I started 2020 with new goals: to be more INTENTIONAL and purposeful. I went through a HUGE closet cleanout. I found I was holding on to things I don't wear anymore but, for some reason, felt like I had to hold on to it. I used to think to have a small wardrobe would mean I wouldn't have anything to wear, but instead, now I find myself reaching for pieces I love and am always thinking of new ways to style them. Today, I'm sharing how to style an all-black look two different ways.


Sticking with my resolution, helps me to be more conscious about each purchase I make. I think twice before purchasing something and always ask myself, can I style this item 3 ways without buying anything new before making a purchase. Now,  I have only added things to my wardrobe that bring me joy and serve a purpose in my closet. One of my recent purchases were these button front black denim jeans from Madewell. I was excited to see Madewell as one of y'all's favorite brands for denim. As soon as I put them on, I feel in love with the fit. I didn't even have to think of ways to style them, I already was reaching for my black blazer and cami. This is one of those outfits that makes me feel like I can do anything! 

I used to think of all-black as something I couldn't pull off. I love color and love to feel energized and felt that black didn't mirror my style. However; I've quickly learned that by having the right pieces, I feel confident rocking a look that totally mirrors my style and aesthetic. Wearing black doesn't have to mean you're not happy. Pairing pieces together that have a feminine feel help to ensure it's always timeless and classic.

outfit two: sweater // pink & black blouse // black denim // similar bag here and here 
heels, also comes with a smaller heel // star necklace // similar gold bracelet 

Now, if I wake up late and need an outfit, I know I have one ready. An all-black outfit is one of my must-have's when building a lasting wardrobe. If you don't already have an all-black outfit on hand, take inventory of your closet. Get rid of the items you are holding on to, but don't really love and won't wear. And treat yourself, but be thoughtful and intentional. Since adding these denim jeans to my wardrobe, I've already worn them more times than I can count. It's a purchase I find myself always looking forward to styling and have filled a void in my closet.



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