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Monday, April 20, 2020

5 tips you need, on looking professional when working from home

Good morning. I can't believe today marks the 6th week of quarantine/ working from home. It's really starting to feel like the new normal. Although, I really miss quality time with my friends and family and dressing up, I am still trying to maintain some of my normal routines to help motivate me and also, just keep me sane!

So today I'm dishing 5 tips you need, on looking professional when working from home.

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1. Do your hair.
If you have virtual meetings like I do, then you may want to blow out your hair, add a fresh coat of mascara, and pop on some lip gloss. These quick and easy steps will help you look professional all day long. It's not about getting "done up" but more about showing to others, your boss, and yourself that you care about your job, and especially in my profession, we serve as role models to our students, and I want them to take pride in their appearance.

2. Wear a "fancy" top.
I find that actually getting dressed, drastically improves my work productivity. I'm more focused, more alert, and overall accomplish more things when I stick with my regular morning routine and get dressed. Personally, I don't like to wear sweats, leggings, or joggers everyday, so I've been adding comfortable denim, like this pair pictured to my work from home wardrobe. (PS my entire look is part of a 65% off site wide sale right now!)

3. Find a simple backdrop.
I love these photos because the backdrop compliments the outfit. When having a digital meeting, you want to look professional, and I also want to keep my privacy since you are usually working out of your home. I find a blank white wall and add a faux plant off to the side for some character. This background is visually pleasing and not distracting. I find when my colleagues sit in front of a bookcase, I often spend my time trying to read all the titles and find it very distracting. So less is more in this case.

4. Prop up your laptop.
Remember, we are all still working, so no one wants to be looking up at someone's nose while the lounge on their couch with their laptop on their lap. Instead, place your laptop on a hard surface and prop it up on a few books to make the laptop level with your actual eyesight. Not only will this angle be more flattering, but it will also help your posture.

5. Wear slippers.
Since you are working from home, swap your heels for some casual home shoes. Personally, my slippers have never seen so much action. On occasion, I do trade my slippers for some slip-on sneakers, which are equally as comfortable.

{Special thanks to Ann Taylor and Steve Madden for these beautiful items #gifted}


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