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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

one shirt styled two ways

I'm excited to start transitioning and building a more sustainable, capsule, wardrobe lifestyle. I'm not talking about a capsule wardrobe that consists of only 30 pieces, I swear people who live like that do not work with children, who would absolutely call me out for wearing the same pieces over and over again for a season. That style also doesn't bring my joy. I don't like feeling restricted. So instead, I'm working on creating the perfect capsule wardrobe to fit my lifestyle and I'm excited to bring y'all along for the journey.

In today's post, I'm sharing how I style one shirt, two different ways.


I LOVE a good amazon find.

They are SO many misses out there in the world of amazon.  Seriously, for every five tops I would order, maybe one looks good. But this one is legit. It's so nice, I ordered it twice! Also, just a bit of advice: Unless, you see a purchase that someone previously endorses, I would avoid anything that isn't prime. I avoid all non-prime purchases for two reasons: the item takes forever to ship and they often aren't easily returned.

This top caught my eye because I loved the leopard print. Plus it has puff sleeves, I'm all for any statement top. A good blouse makes me feel great, pairs well with my favorite pair of denim jeans and looks put together.
I also love the subtle vneck, its the perfect cut, not too low but shows off a necklace.

For this look, an easy way to change up the look is by switching the denim. A black pair of denim creates a chic, polished look when paired with a statement leopard top. I love the structured black bag paired with the look, making it perfect for the office environment.

The second look, features my favorite pair of denim jeans. Jeans are a great way to make a top more casual. You could also easily swap the heels for a pair of kicks and have the perfect "everyday" spring look.



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