Creating your own backyard date night ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, June 22, 2020

Creating your own backyard date night

Morning loves!

I am so excited to finally share the details on creating your own backyard date night! It's amazing what summer nights do for the soul. Just being outdoors totally boosts my mood. With the stay at home orders, still being encouraged I was excited to create our own unique backyard dining experience. While I may not love the actual process of cooking and preparing dinner, I enjoy the process of decorating and setting the table.


The best part of the actual "photo" and the event is planning. I got into blogging because I genuinely love fashion and styling things. Having a bigger rental apartment has allowed me to start to identify and refine my personal style when it comes to home decor. 

While I may not always be 10% confident in the process, like trying five different stain combos before settling on this one. I'm not afraid to try something less predictable to get that "French country, on-trend, classic style" I consider to be my style. 

For this look, I wanted to create all things elegant and romantic. I was a little worried about it being "too fancy," but then I thought to myself, what does it matter? After being home for four months, a little fancy is just what the soul needs. One way to make an outdoor picnic a little bit fancier is to add candles and silverware. Candles, to me, are an affordable and easy way to create a romantic atmosphere, and there's something elegant about using real silverware. For this setting, I opted for our gold silverware, which I use for dinner with guests as a fun alternative to our traditional place settings. And silverware isn't too many dishes to have to take care of at the end of the night.

In this set up the plates are eco-friendly throw away's! I actually wish they were plastic and reusable because they are so cute! But they serve to make clean up easy, saving our planet and creating a romantic dining space. Also pictured are our plastic reusable wine glasses. I ordered these on Amazon because I prefer to have my adult beverage in a wine glass and don't want to worry about bringing them outside. The negative reviews all commented about the glasses having a seam, which there is, but in my opinion, you can hardly tell, and they give the allusion of real glass.

Lastly, a backyard date night wouldn't be complete without fresh flowers. I find myself always trying to fill our house with at least some form of fresh flowers; it's true when they say fresh flowers bring you joy! I was blown away by the beautiful floral arrangements MarFloral in Old Saybrook generously gifted me, to help me create my backyard date night. I love that MarFloral is a female-owned small business (Hey Marlee), and not to mention incredibly talented. If you are anywhere in CT and plan to visit the CT shoreline, I highly recommend paying her a visit for your own floral arrangement. You will not be disappointed! 





  1. This is so dreamy! I love the set up, you have inspired me to do something like this!!!