Tulip Farm, New England Living ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, May 10, 2021

Tulip Farm, New England Living

Trench coat (now available in blush!) // smocked sundress // Hunter rain boots 

If my blog title didn't give it away, I clearly have a thing for flowers. Any chance I have to take a visit to a flower farm is a definite yes for me. Last night, my mom and I visited the local tulip farm and had so much fun! 

Wicked Tulips, recently opened a smaller second location, which provides for a more intimate experience. Tickets are required in order to access the field, and each ticket gets you 10 pick your own tulips. I also love the idea of 'bring your own bucket' it makes for some unique and personal finds.


I'll be honest tulips aren't my favorite flower, but boy are they beautiful all bunched together in rows. I also love tulips because they bloom early, so it adds some pop of color to spring. Before arriving at the tulip farm, I didn't realize just how many varieties of tulips there were! Some almost look like peonies. 

When planning what to wear to a tulip farm, think practical! It lightly rained earlier in the morning and even though the sun came out and we went at the very end fo the day, the ground was still very soft and muddy. Rain boots are always a good idea for this sort of outing. Plus, they look cute paired with dresses and jeans! 



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