April 2018 ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, April 30, 2018

2018 Book Reviews - round 4 {April}

No More Independent Reading Without Support

Sweet Tea at Sunrise
YESS! This was the type of quick read, easy, romantic-comedy story I was looking for. This book is SO GOOD. I couldn't put it down. I immediately fell in love with all the characters and the story. It gives you all the small town feels. If you're looking for a 'feel good' enjoyable read- I highly recommend this!

The Secret to the Hummingbird Cake
This book is another winner this month! I had to read this book while visiting family in SC because we had homemade
An American Marriage

The Book Whisperer
The best books are the ones that come recommended, like this one. My friend, who is also a teacher, recommended this book to me and it was so validating. I have some strong beliefs about teaching reading and helping students find an internal love of reading is at the forefront.

Your suggestions: Don’t forget to leave a comment with your favorite book; it might just be my next read! Don’t know how to comment? It’s easy… scroll to the bottom of this post after any and all comments, type your comment in the comment section and then click comment profile tab & sign in to any social media account or comment anonymously, finally hit publish! It's that easy.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

updating your basic sundress

The thing about vacations is that they are rarely ever long enough. But, that’s also part of what makes them so great. While on vacation, it’s the time to splurge by eating desert before dinner and fun things like that. Over April school vacation, B & I embarked on the ultimate bonding experience ... a road trip! We drove from CT to Virginia to South Carolina and then back again. While on our journey (if you follow me on Instagram, then you got some first-hand accounts on my IG story) we ate a lot of chick-fli-a, enjoyed some time in the sun and sight-seeing, and best of all, had time to visit with some friends and family!

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

How to pack for spring break

One thing both my hubby and I both enjoy is traveling. I especially love traveling during these chilly winter months, which is why I am SO excited to be traveling to visit some family in SC. In anticipation of our trip and since I've been packed since last weekend, today I'm sharing all my tips and tricks for how I pack. I get asked all the time "how many suitcases did you bring?" Thankfully my husband keeps me in check because I am responsible for toting my own luggage around, so I typically only pack in one suitcase (mine is the carry-on size) and one oversized tote bag; such as my LV tote or Longchamp.

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Monday, April 9, 2018

paper-bag pants

Today on the blog, I'm featuring: the paper-bag pant, or in other words my favorite new pair of pants! I'm literally obsessed. This style looks so posh to me! I feel like paper-bag pants are one of those styles I see on Instagram or Pinterest and they just look SO chic & professional! Naturally, when I discovered this pair from Express, I had to have them. Originally I thought they were a soft pink, but they are actually more of a mauve-y lilac. Nonetheless this style is perfect for spring and I'm already thinking of the variety of ways I can style these for work. 

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