January 2019 ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, January 28, 2019

why you should wear your heart on your sleeve

It’s been so great hearing from everyone on my Instagram stories, getting so much positive feedback about what you like seeing and what you want to see more of. As a result, over here at Roses and Rain Boots Blog, I will continue to share my love of fashion, but as requested, I will also be sharing a bit more of myself.

The other day, I shared something personal on Instagram, and we are about to get deep today. Yikes.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

life is all about ... balance

One thing blogging has taught me is I need to have a balance. I will admit it; I am kind of a “brand” junky. I love my J. Crew, the Factory, Madewell, Nordstrom, etc. but y’all crave the deals and affordable price tags and I have to agree. I still believe in quality over quantity, but I am not opposed to a good Amazon find. 

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Monday, January 21, 2019

January Sales Try-On, Featuring Hits & Misses

I'm fortunate enough that I get to live in the same town as my mom. And even luckier that we enjoy each other's company. My momma and I frequently gather for a gals morning. Usually, this can consist of anything from shopping and manicures to exercising. This past weekend we took a trip to our  "local" mall, an hour away (I mostly shop online based on our proximity to my favorite stores) and did some browsing. While shopping, we had a lot of fun scouring the stores for new style inspiration. We looked for unique pieces or trends to add to our current wardrobe. While also searching for new ways that we can create new looks of our favorite pieces already in our closets.

Since my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale First Impressions post was such a hit, along with my try-on mirror pics, I've decided to listen. So today's post is featuring all the things that caught my eye from our recent shopping adventure that I tried on & wanted to share my thoughts with Y'all. Be sure to leave a message letting me know what you thought of this style blog post & if you're buying, what items?

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Monday, January 14, 2019

the boots you NEED for winter

Good morning. In an effort to #keepitreal with Y’all, I have to be honest… I was a little concerned about getting today’s post out on time. Which for me meant, if the post didn’t go live on Monday, I would be behind on my new year’s resolution or commitment to myself (and to all of you) that I was going to post every Monday. I’m not always inspired, and sometimes I struggle even to get started, whether it be picking out the day’s outfit or writing a blog post. Sometimes I’m just entirely that girl standing in my closet saying “I have nothing to wear.”

So, as a result, instead of getting frustrated or even stressed, which was something that I usually allow myself to get carried away with when I need the creative juices to flow, I’ve been trying to get up, get moving and do something. 


Monday, January 7, 2019

Coffee Hour with Lo, Taking a look at the Blog's Yearly Review

It's hard to believe that just 3 years ago, B gifted me a camera and blogging for dummies book for Christmas, and I started the blog right then and there. We ran outside to snap a quick photo, which made the blog here. As I reflect back, I wish I had more confidence (still working on it) to share the blog with friends and family. On the one hand, I totally went for it. I didn't have any experience with a blog or HTML codes. I didn't even have a LiketoKnow.It account. I followed a few bloggers and had a deep love of passion.
On the other hand, It took months for me even to tell my friends I had created one and I'm still hesitant to say to people now. I think the fear comes from "pushing" the blog on someone. However; one of my goals for 2019 is to get over that fear! I have a blog, obviously. So, this is going to be the year for owning it!

Today, we are taking a look back at your favorite posts from 2018 on Instagram and the Blog. Additionally, I'll be sharing all my plans and goals for the upcoming 2019 year. So settle in and let's take a trip down memory lane.