Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Book Reviews 2018- Part two

Why, hello there. Let me just start this post by sharing excited I am about how popular this series of posts has been with y'all!! I love reading and trying new things. I also am really dedicated to the reading process, so once I commit and start a book I have to read it until the very end. Because I'm so determined to finish the book I am often very selective when choosing books since I try to ensure each selection is a text that I'm actually going to enjoy. Are you a book finisher OR do you abandon a book when you don't like it?? 

Since my first post in the series, I've just loved receiving comments and recommendations about books to read totally fills my bucket. Additionally, I love bumping into friends and family who have read books because of my review. So in honor of this series of posts & wanting to connect with y'all: I will be sharing any pictures on my Instagram stories that YOU post sharing a book recommendation for me OR you trying a book for my monthly review! 
I can' wait to see what you are reading or if you like any of the books I'm sharing. 

xx always, 

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Monday, March 19, 2018

the best boot cut jeans you NEED & 5 things I've been loving lately

Happy Monday!! I spent a good portion of the day on Sunday cleaning and I discovered that a lot of things I have been loving lately are items that are timeless and classic. I have definitely mentioned complained more than once about the size of our apartment. Our apartment, is small, so we have to be thought about every brought in and everything we keep. As a result, I've been starting to really rethink my look & what my style is. I've always had a thing for denim. I love a good pair of jeans; however, it seems I'm always settling and purchasing. With that being said, I think I've finally found the perfect pair of boot cut jeans you NEED. Additionally, I'm sharing 5 things I've been loving lately and think you will too!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wedding Wednesday: why we didn't do a first look & what we did instead

What we didn't do: 

a first look.

My faith is SO important to me. I've always known I want God to be present in my relationship and bless my marriage, as a result, B and I both wanted a traditional Catholic wedding service. It is part of the Catholic Faith to experience those precious moments when you see your groom for the very first time on your wedding day to be when you are walking down the aisle. Despite all our guests looking at us, the experience was surprisingly private. The moment I first saw B at the altar, I was overwhelmed with emotion and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  Upon arriving at the altar, our priest reminded us about the core values of the day as we prepare for a lifetime of marriage, and also to remain present in the moment. I'm so grateful for those precious moments we shared.

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Monday, March 12, 2018

my Wish List for Spring!

Good morning & happy Monday! Today's post is featuring some of the "it" items for spring. Most of these are items I have already ordered for our trip during April vacation or are currently in my shopping bag as I'm waiting to take the plunge and purchase them. I LOVE sharing all my favorites of the moment and just ask if you see something you have-to-have, please use the links I have shared with you today to make your purchases. I do make a small profit off each sale made and they also help to strengthen my relationships with brands and help to bring exciting things to the blog :) 

Thanks for your support & love! Happy Shopping! 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Winter Layers

I wish I was featuring shorts and a long cardigan in this post, my ideal spring outfit. However; living in New England means it's still winter. Which also means snow and layers. Today I'm sharing my most worn winter look. One of my staples is a fitted plaid shirt. They are such a classic and preppy piece that never goes out of style. In fact, J.Crew factory (where my exact shirt is from) releases this same variation of plaid every year. I love it so much, I purchase it every year.
What's an item you are continuously purchasing?
If it was truly spring time, my other weakness are white tops.

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