Monday, February 13, 2017

One Valentine's Day Sweatshirt: Two Completely Different Looks

Good morning & happy early Valentine’s Day! I don’t usually post on Tuesday’s, so I figured I would share my holiday post a day early. If nothing else, hopefully after reading today’s post you will leave with some outfit inspiration! As you can see in my pictures, we got a ton of snow this past weekend. What’s crazy is Wednesday felt like spring, it was 40+ degrees and then on Thursday we got almost a foot of snow. I guess that is winter in New England for ya. For today’s post I’m featuring how I styled my new ILY couture sweatshirt two completely different ways.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

Hello there!! Get ready to do some shopping today.  I've linked up my top gifts for Valentine's Day for under $50. YES you read that right... $50.. oh & yes I've included one totally ridiculous gift, but hey... a girl can dream!! 

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

My Hair Care Routine

Hey y'all! For 2017 my goal is to obviously post more consistently, but also to post the content y'all want to hear. The most frequently asked question I always, literally, always get asked is about my hair! So today I am finally sharing ALL my secrets about my hair care... Are you ready, it's actually pretty good and includes a video tutorial; insert halo hands emoji here. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Must Have Cardigan & Peplum Top

Happy Monday! Who watched the Super Bowl?! Oh, who I am kidding, I only watch it for the National Anthem and the half time show. The real question is who is ready for the bachelor tonight (or tomorrow night, if you are cheap like me & don't pay for cable)? If you're as excited as me, then you have to check out Andi Dorfman's Book: It's Not Okay, if for one reason only because you love the show. In her novel, she spills the juicy deets on the inside scoop of the show. However; I'm warning you it's 300 wordy pages... she talks a lot... 

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What to Wear to a Housewarming

Over the weekend, my fiancĂ© and I attended a friend's housewarming. Prior to that, my friend at book club was coincidentally going to the same housewarming  and she suggested writing a post on etiquette when attending a housewarming. I thought this was a great idea! How many times do us girls stand in our closet before an event and think "I have nothing to wear!" If you're me, then it's literally everyday. To help avoid this dilemma or the feeling of needing to go shopping I am going to share my three easy tips for being the perfect guest.

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