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Thursday, March 3, 2016

How to use one shirt to create two different outfits

Happy Friday-eve lovelies,

I mostly frequently get asked: how big is your closest? My closest is not small but it is by no means as large as many of the bloggers I follow and admire. One of the best tips my mom taught me about buying clothes was to make sure you find something that goes with a lot of things already in your closet. So I always make it a rule to think of at least two outfits the item would go with before buying it, except for this Loft shirt. I actually wasn't sure what or if anything this shirt would go with until I brought it home but so far I have been really pleased with the different outfits I have been able to make using it. 

For today's look I paired it with a long flowing textured sweater to create a comfortable outfit for work. I love the colors in this sweater and added black leggings to pick up the various colors in the sweater. I really love leggings but still believe they are not pants, so I added a J.Crew skirt. This skirt is actually a little short in general so it really only works with leggings anyway. I  paired today's outfit with black boots to make it a little dressier. I also feel like the all black creates a nice sleek lengthening look for your legs. 

Lastly, I kept today's accessories simple with a fun tassel necklace from The Limited (anyone else forget about this store? I always do but never fail to find something cute almost every time I visit). Then I added my pearls, Cape Cod and Pandora bracelets with my Marc Jacob watch

And just in case you missed it yesterday post, Here's another look at how I styled this pink top under my favorite J.Crew sweater for a completely different look:

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