Pattern Mixing ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, March 7, 2016

Pattern Mixing

Happy Monday! 
Did this weekend fly by for everyone, or just me? I was so excited not to have any set plans earlier in the week, but come Friday and my weekend was all booked up. 
This past weekend I am grateful I got to have a family dinner with my boyfriend, parents and grandparents who just returned home from their 2 month vacation to SC. My boyfriend and I also had a date night where we walked to a local restaurant and got to enjoy each others time and company. Appreciating moments like this are really important to us. In today's world we all can find ourselves distracted with technology, especially social media or the daily stresses of work and other things . To ensure we have time away from distraction we have a weekly night a week just the two of us; we actually stole this idea from my parents! In the comments section share what you do you do to free yourself from distractions and daily stresses? 
 Since it's Monday I always try and start the week off on the right foot and to help me do this I always create an outfit I feel is really professional. For today's outfit I am wearing another pair of dress pants from New York & Company. I seriously swear by these pants because of the longer inseam. In addition to the longer inseams, they are a great quality and last forever. I bought mine over 2 years ago and have no intentions of needing to replace them anytime soon. 
To make this outfit feel a little more like Spring I added the white vest and floral bracelet (similar option linked). Occasionally I shop Easy for unique statement pieces, like today's bracelet. 
I always want to try pattern mixing but never know where to start. I was really pleased with this combination. I found that the scarf provided a lot of opportunities to bring multiple colors into this outfit. An alternative to the pants would be a navy skirt to accent the blue found in the scarf. My exact scarf is from J.Crew and unfortunately is sold out but I've linked some ones I am currently crushing on. And since I gave up shopping for lent, I can shop vicariously through you. 
Also, pardon the silly photo but I HAD to share these shoes with you. I am obsessed with oxford shoes for women. Ever since I studied abroad in England and they were everywhere I had to have them. 

Thanks for taking time out of your busy workday to take a look at my blog! I hope your coffee is strong and schedule light. I can't wait to hear from y'all. Also, don't forget to participating in my upcoming Q&A post by emailing, commenting or DM any questions you have for me.
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  1. Love the pattern mixing! I really like scarf and the vest. You look great. Xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Gail! Both are from J.Crew (clearly a weakness of mine) Thanks for following & the comment!