One Valentine's Day Sweatshirt: Two Completely Different Looks ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, February 13, 2017

One Valentine's Day Sweatshirt: Two Completely Different Looks

Good morning & happy early Valentine’s Day! I don’t usually post on Tuesday’s, so I figured I would share my holiday post a day early. If nothing else, hopefully after reading today’s post you will leave with some outfit inspiration! As you can see in my pictures, we got a ton of snow this past weekend. What’s crazy is Wednesday felt like spring, it was 40+ degrees and then on Thursday we got almost a foot of snow. I guess that is winter in New England for ya. For today’s post I’m featuring how I styled my new ILY couture sweatshirt two completely different ways.

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For this first look, I paired the sweatshirt with a classic striped turtleneck. Although lightweight, these turtlenecks have been on repeat, since they are thin enough to layer without the added bulk, while still providing warmth. I also added my red hunter boots for a completely festive look. I have been obsessed with destroyed denim on the weekends lately and this look was no exception. Lastly, I added $12 aviator sunnies & bright red lipstick for a instantly chic look.

However; as previously mentioned on the blog, I work at an elementary school. So while, distressed jeans & red lips are completely trendy and fabulous they don’t scream appropriate. As a result, I stuck with my favorite new sweatshirt paired with some timeless favorites to create an outfit for work.

Style tip: Splurge on some classic pieces for your wardrobe. A classic blazer, suit dress, midi skirt and button downs are essentials. Plus, they make it easy to create that perfect look for work.

I love extremely girlie & feminine pieces. As a result, I was instantly drawn to the jeweled collar on this button down; it's a classic piece with added flair. A timeless piece, such as the jeweled button down, paired with a chic black skirt & boots, instantly takes this look to a whole new level.