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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

j.crew stripes & a beach cruiser

If you're anything like me, then everything girlie & pink is a must. Therefore, when I moved walking distance to a beach I NEEDED (there's that word again) a beach cruiser. And it was totally worth it! As a result, today I'm sharing reasons you need a bike, and not just ANY bike, specifically: a beach cruiser. 

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For starters, bikes are fun! I LOVE cruising (get it, cruising on beach cruiser?!) on my bike around town. It is also practical, it serves as transportation that is also environmentally savvy. Additionally, riding a bike helps to keep me active, which in turn helps me maintain a healthy & fit lifestyle. It also helps me to have great posture while riding! (something I am constantly trying to work on). 

However; the main reason I chose this specific bike is because beach cruisers are extremely feminine. And speaking of feminine... today's look on the blog, features a girlie eyelet skirt paired with a classic striped shirt. This outfit is a particular favorite of mine because eyelets always remind me of summer. 



  1. Such a beautiful look! Love the soft color palette. And you bike is great!

    xx, Elise

  2. Lovely girl perfect match.

  3. Not really built for speed, these bicycles, also known as comfort or beach bikes, are for less serious riders who actually enjoy the "ride" and are not concerned with setting new speed records. best road bikes

  4. Wow, this cruiser bike is a perfect match for the rider. I have bought one cruiser bike for my wife from Bestbikepicks and it perfectly matched with her. Although the handlebar feels a bit uncomfortable.