five tips you NEED for preparing to shop the #nsale Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, July 3, 2017

five tips you NEED for preparing to shop the #nsale Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

(picture featuring: sunnies, cardigan and booties all purcashed from the #nsale last year)

One of the biggest sales of the year- no seriously, one of the biggest & best sales of the year is two weeks away! And today's post is all about how you can prepare for it. You may be asking, "Lo, what sale are you even talking about?" I know it was just fourth of July weekend, and if your email looked anything like mine, then you had 100 (I wish I was exaggerating) email updates showcasing the many  sales of 40-50% off that were happening. However; the sale I am referring to is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, also know as the #nsale in the blog-o-sphere. 

For starters, 
The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale takes place: July 13th (for early access) and runs through August 6th

Tip #1: Know & understand the sale. 

The biggest misconception about the #nsale is that the sale features "left over or last year's" products and I'm here to tell you that is false. This highly anticipated sale actually features the newest products for fall at a seriously discounted price. The only catch: the products sell out fast! 

Tip #2: Gain early access

I do not advertise or encourage applying for store credit cards as it usually results in over spending; however, holding a Nordstrom Credit Card gains you access to shop the sale a week before everyone else. The perks: it ensures your size will be available and you get your products faster. 

Tip #3: Strategize

If you are anything like me then sales always overwhelm me! I panic about what or what not to buy, I worry about missing out (literally FOMO for sales). To help curve this stress, I always plan ahead about items I need to replace/ closet staples I will wear in the fall, to avoid over buying. For example, they always put my favorite workout leggings, next to LuluLemon of course, and running socks on sale, so I already know I will be purchasing both of these.  

Tip #4: Purchase those designer items you have been eyeing. In addition to my strategizing, I also create a wish-list of certain items, like a new Tory Burch bag, to pick up if the sale & product are right. Start to strategize by checking out the Anniversary Sale Catalog Nordstrom released last week. *Blogger tip: hover or click on individual items, like a shirt, to find out all the details.

Tip #5: This sounds crazy, but buy the items you like, do not wait. 

Nordstrom has one of the BEST customer service & return policies around. Everything is free shipping & free returns. Plus Nordstrom always stands by their products to ensure customer satisfaction. This way you can purchase the items you want now, try them on at home (risk free) and keep the ones you love. I recommend purchasing your favorite items because trust me, the popular items, such as: scarves, sweaters and moto jackets will sell out. And you don't want to spend all of fall watching your favorite bloggers (hopefully I'm included in that category) featuring their favorite new items for fall that they picked up from the #nsale that are no loner available. 

(picture featuring: favorite tunic by lush, often included in the #nsale loving the light olive & quail colors)

Some sale items to shop right now: 

* This post is not sponsored. All thoughts & enthusiasm shared today reflect my genuine and authentic excitement about shopping this year's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I've been saving all my pennies for this event & cannot wait! 



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