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Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Pro's and Con's of Powder Gel Manicures

Y’all I have a confession to make: I LOVE to get my nails done. Seriously though, I l.o.v.e it. I encourage everyone to make it apart of your monthly routine. It is a great way to pamper yourself. I firmly believe everyone needs some quality “me” time in order to be your best self. Recently, I got a new type of gel manicure. Obviously as a style & beauty blogger I try to keep up on the latest trends for my lovely readers, like yourself. And lucky for you, today I’m sharing the pro’s and con’s of my experience trying the latest nail trend: powder gel manicures.

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Before we get started… my big question is: have you heard tried the newest powder gel manicure?? I tried it and was pleasantly surprised. It is definitely something I would do again.

  • There are no UV lights! I know this is a huge concern of many since the research is claiming UV lights can be damaging to the skin. 
  • No need to worry about paying before because my nails dried instantly.
  • It’s supposed to last longer than typical gel manicures- I’m pretty rough on my nails, I wash my hands all the time, scrub dishes without gloves & my manicures always last two weeks. 
  • It’s supposed to be better/ healthier for your nails. Since I wear nail polish all the time and my nails don’t have time to “breathe," as a result, I take a hair & nail vitamin- linked here, to help my nail growth.

  • It costs $5 dollars more- yikes
  • There is a limited color selection- for some reasons pastels are not big in the gel nail polish industry so I usually alternate between two colors: white & pale pink.
  • Although they are supposed to last longer, I found that they chipped much faster and in larger chunks since it is a thicker product. I typically can cut & file my gel nails (I like to keep my nails short) and have no issues, I couldn't do this with the gel powder nails. 
  • It's a thicker product, so thick it reminds me more of acrylic nails. 
In summary, although I enjoyed trying the new powder gel manicure, I will be sticking with my typical gel manicure. 



  1. Love the entire look! Simply Beautiful!