Wedding Etiquette 101: Featuring Bridal Showers ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wedding Etiquette 101: Featuring Bridal Showers

I’m excited to try today’s post because it was highly requested and something I usually don’t do. Today I’m sharing not only the do’s but also the do not’s of wedding etiquette!

B & I are finally in the stages of our wedding planning where we just registered (so much fun!) & have our wedding showers to look forward too- yes I said showers. I’m THAT girl who is having two showers but actually it’s so practical how could we not? Our families don’t live in the same state, so to make travel easier on everyone we are traveling. Although not what I had originally thought, I’ve learned through-out the whole planning process it is okay not to follow the rules.

In today's edition of Wedding Wednesday, I’m sharing some of my quick & easy tips on bridal shower etiquette. 

Obviously, it's easiest for me to write & share about what I know. So as a result, I'm simply sharing my thoughts with all of you; I'm not Oprah and therefore I am not an expert on telling you what to wear & what not to wear --so please keep that in mind while you are reading & enjoying today's post.

What to Wear:
Do not wear: Obviously the biggest rule of thumb is no white- leave that for the bride to be. Also my tried and true tip is don’t wear anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see- bridal showers are a family affair so keep it clean, classy & modest. 

Do wear: Definitely dress up! Dresses, skirts, rompers are all a go. Depending upon the venue of choice will dictate your shoe choice. Shy away from heels, especially if it is an outdoor venue, and stick with wedges. Another tip is to think about the bride-to-be's style and mirror that. If you know your friend loves to dress up then take this as an opportunity to wear that new floral dress you've been eyeing. Lastly & above all: wear what is comfortable. Everyone looks their best when they feel great. 

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