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Thursday, December 21, 2017

last minute gifts for the guy in your life

This year Christmas is extra special for B and I because it will be our first Christmas as HUSBAND and wife and it will also be one month married! I am so excited and this year wanted to make each gift extra special. In efforts to keep those a secret (since B reads every blog post) I haven't shared any of the gifts I purchased for him this year, but instead shared some B suggested and some of our favorite gifts from the past! I hope you enjoy reading today's post. All items are linked with free shipping and guaranteed delivery for Christmas... what are you waiting for??


B always wants anything "smart" related. He loves all things technology. He is also into fitness, so anything that will help him maintain a healthy lifestyle is always a good idea.
Amazon Echo/ Alexa- This is B's all time favorite gift. Although, if you ask him under pressure, like my awesome #bridesmaidsquad did in a questionnaire, his favorite gift was legos... so yes, they made the guide today!
Legos- As previously mentioned, B loves his legos.
FitBit- I love that B loves to "nerd out" over things, such as his workout schedule, progress, etc. Recently he's been asking for a smart watch so he can better track his progress.


B treats himself to a shopping "spree" once a year, typically after christmas when he has gathered all his gift cards, he will treat himself to a few new pieces. Since we have started dating I've gifted B three key pieces over the year that make for a daper looking outfit.
Patagonia Sweatshirt- This is such a classic sweatshirt. The perfect gift for any guy in your life. (**And Nordstrom is shipping free with guaranteed delivery for Christmas- order now!)
Tall Button Down Shirt- B is so tall, these are some of the only shirts that fit him properly and can go in the dryer. ()rder now with express shipping to receive it in time for Christmas.)
Boat Shoes- B wears his so frequently we have to replace his every year. They instantly make an outfit date night approved!


Watch- every guy in your life needs a classic watch to ensure he is never late for dates! I love the style of DW watches.
Socks- is it just me or can guys NEVER have enough socks?
Shaving Kit- this is one of those items your guy will need, but never buy for himself.
Water Bottle- a S'well bottle is one of my all time favorite gifts to give anyone on your list! They are practical and cute.


Fitness Book- with all those new year's resolutions coming up a health book may be just the key to getting started.
Sports Books- find your guy's favorite sport & research best selling books in that topic.
The 5 Love Languages- B and I read this book when we first got engaged and it helped make the planning process more stress free and strengthened our ability to communicate.



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