Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, December 18, 2017

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London

 While on our honeymoon, I realized I am all about warmth & practicality when it comes to embracing my winter style. I often wear leggings under my jeans and always pair a turtle neck under any tops for an added layer. In today’s look, I have styled yet another jeweled skirt. I truly love anything that glitters or sparkles so I’m frequently treating myself to a new piece of two around the holidays each year. For this look I’ve paired a lot of various pieces but kept them all in the same color scheme of: tan, black and grey to keep the outfit from looking like a mess.

If you are ever in London during the holiday time I highly recommend going to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Winter Wonderland is a holiday fair that is free to enter! B & I, like at afternoon tea, went to experience the food and culture so we skipped dinner and ate our weight in food, sampling from a variety of the vendors! Definitely remember to bring pounds with you, since many of the vendors will only accept cash. Additionally, while we were at Winter Wonderland B & I also went ice skating! This has been on my bucket list for years, ever since I studied aboard in London over 5 years ago. The ice skating rinks are extremely busy, so I recommend booking a reservation prior to the time you want to go. They limit the number of people on the ice at one time to keep the rink from getting too crowded. This particular rink is built around a gazebo and had a live musician and festive Christmas lights that totally set the ambiance. It was so romantic, in fact we even witnessed a proposal! It was so sweet. Another one of my favorite ice skating rink is the rink at Somerset House. This is my favorite museum in all of London and they partner with Fortnun and Mason to bring afternoon tea & ice skating together! Even if you don’t skate here it’s a worth a visit.



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