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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

life is all about ... balance

One thing blogging has taught me is I need to have a balance. I will admit it; I am kind of a “brand” junky. I love my J. Crew, the Factory, Madewell, Nordstrom, etc. but y’all crave the deals and affordable price tags and I have to agree. I still believe in quality over quantity, but I am not opposed to a good Amazon find. 

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One new trend I’ve adopted is purchasing dupes for some designer bags. I have a couple tried and true classic pieces that won’t go out of style, like my LV Neverfull Tote and Tory Burch Satchel that my parents gifted me when I graduated college, but recently I’ve even been purchasing some really great Chloe Dupes off of Amazon. If I’m unsure if a particular style bag will stand the challenge of lasting season to season, I look to finding great dupes to try out the style too before committing hundreds of dollars.

Many of you know, that after over a year of blogging, I treated myself to a LV tote. This was NOT a purchase I made lightly. In fact, I think I went to the store so much, the sales associates started to doubt I would ever make a purchase. This bag was something I had admired for a long time and new it would latest the testaments of time.

Another thing I do to help “balance” my wardrobe is to create budgets and guidelines. When I start to feel “overwhelmed” when looking at my clothes in the closest, I know it’s time to make a big purge. Usually, this means I do a big clean out and create two piles, one for donations and a smaller pile for items to sell. I also create a budget. I know how much money I am willing to spend of clothes per/month. Then, I make lists at the beginning of the month of items that I’ve been eyeing and do some shopping (Definitely have a conversation with your spouse beforehand).
*Disclaimer; I definitely shop a bit more than I used too to help share lots of new fashion items at great prices. Which, also means that I have to clean out my closet more frequently to accommodate and make room.

exact black denim (I love these so much, I just ordered the white) // 
similar black turtleneck // exact open-front cardigan // exact sunnies, also like this pair 
exact platform slip-on's // similar totes, option 1 & option 2

This look is one of those looks made up of balance. A while back, I read a specific fashion book about creating a timeless wardrobe. The author strongly discourages people from wearing “gym leggings” and their LV tote. In his opinion, it sends mixed signals. He suggests that either you’re a girl craving activity in leggings and sneakers, perhaps grabbing a smoothie after the gym or you’re meeting your friends for coffee looking chic in a cashmere sweater, ballet flats, and the LV tote. However; current fashion trends of sneakers and midi skirts really challenge this philosophy. 

But, for me, I’ve taken that advice to heart and used that as a moto when planning outfits. 
Since sneakers and midi skirts aren’t really my thing, I opted for a slightly platform slip-on for a more relaxed but polished look. A classic black turtleneck is something that will never go out of style. A girl needs a few black sweaters that just make her feel like she can conquer the world. Some of those pieces are a black turtleneck, a black crewneck, one of my favorite styles, and a black V-neck. Since I love good knitwear, I opt for a few additional colors when I find one that I love. Initially, I thought this meant to run out and buy the first cashmere crew-neck sweater I could see. However; I’ve since learned this is not the case. It is worth the investment of finding the cardigan that is not only the perfect fit but also comfortable. Because let’s face it, no one is wearing a cardigan, cashmere or not, if it’s not comfortable.

(sharing a few of my favorite knits that will never go out of style)

To balance this polished look, I paired my all-black look with an open-front cardigan from Old Navy. This beauty is under $40 and was such a great dupe for the Madewell cardigan that runs at $80, I had to purchase it. And then I went back from two more colors. I knew when making this purchase, this sweater will get a lot of wear this season. However; with a price tag and store label of Old Navy, I don’t have high hopes that it will survive the cut for next year, but we shall see. It also allowed me a little more freedom with color choices. I may not have opted or this color at a more expensive price tag, but I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with this dark caramel color. Additionally, if you caught Monday’s post then you know I found the MOST PERFECT dupe for the Madewell cardigan while shopping at H&M. At only $20, this cardigan is the perfect creamy caramel color, warm, and super soft.

While creating this look, I had a lot of fun breaking all the fashion rules by pairing tan, brown, black, and grey in one complete look. In my opinion, it totally works. The cardigan is just the right barrier to tie-in my LV tote. The fashion rules have changed so much over time. No one listens to “no white after labor day,” but my mom did tell me that when it doubts, two things touching should always match. Therefore, my black pants and black turtleneck pair nicely, matched with the caramel cardigan. Then because the cardigan is touching the tote, it incorporates the warmer colors nicely.

Also, the best fashion advice I can share is to LOVE your look. If you don’t absolutely love the item in the store, or when you’re making your outfit at home, then you’re not going to “own it.” People can tell when you feel uncomfortable no matter how perfectly matched you may be. So every day get dressed in items that sing to your heart and own it!

To borrow from Lo during her time at Laguna Beach…
Every day IS a fashion show, so embrace it!



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