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Monday, January 28, 2019

why you should wear your heart on your sleeve

It’s been so great hearing from everyone on my Instagram stories, getting so much positive feedback about what you like seeing and what you want to see more of. As a result, over here at Roses and Rain Boots Blog, I will continue to share my love of fashion, but as requested, I will also be sharing a bit more of myself.

The other day, I shared something personal on Instagram, and we are about to get deep today. Yikes.

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Let's get to it. Last week, I shared that one of my greatest qualities is that I wear my heart on my sleeve. While at the same time, I also said that this can also be one of my greatest weaknesses. I definitely think wearing your heart on your sleeve is one of the best qualities anyone can have. It usually means I am a hundred and ten percent upfront and honest! There have been many times I have politely encouraged a friend not to purchase something if I felt that they didn’t look their best. I will also always have my friends back, even if that means sharing the hard stuff. I also think most importantly, when someone wears their heart on their sleeve what you see if what you get. I’d like to think that I would never complain, etc. about someone if I wouldn’t or couldn’t say it to their face.

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While those are all great qualities, wearing my heart of my sleeve, also means I don’t hide my emotions well. When someone hurts me, I show it. I also take everything personally! At first glance, I’m not sure most people would expect this from me. But I actually can get easily upset If I sense that people may not like me.

I actually think this what started my desire to be more reserved.

I definitely consider myself to be an extremely private person. Unfortunately, I do think this quality can make me appear stand-offish, which I don’t think I am at all! But, at the same time, because I’m afraid of getting hurt or upset, I often try not to share a lot of personal stuff.

However; I have learned that even if I don’t share things, people find a way to criticize, so it’s time that I worry less and just embrace myself.

Realizing this about myself helped me to take some deep breaths (frequently) and reevaluate a couple of the ways I’ve been doing things. I’ve realized it was time to start relaxing a little when it comes to sharing pictures on both the blog and Instagram. There were so many times I wouldn’t share a blog post or post on Instagram because I was worried the picture wasn’t “perfect.” It was wrong of me even to think I could share or maintain perfect images. Life is not perfect, and that’s not me.

I’m just a girl sharing some of the struggles of life while occasionally being a little extra and fashionable… in other words, I’m just a girl living the #hotmess dream over here. If you’re looking for perfection, then definitely check out a magazine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still lucky enough to have B spend a couple hours a month helping me shoot outfits of the day photos, but I’ve let it go if my hair wasn’t “exactly” perfect and decided to just to share the images as they come.

Additionally, this year, I’ve made it a vow to be more consistent with my style. This means you won’t (and haven’t in the past) see my styling outfits or trends just for Instagram. Instead, you can count on me to always share products, looks, etc. that I 100% love and stand by.

For example, the high-rise denim trend. I know this is a style isn’t for everyone, but I’m here for it. Y’all I got behind this trend last summer when a pair of Paige denim was part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I figured why not? Since then, I’ve purchased numerous pairs of high-rise denim shorts, skinny jeans, and colored jeans. Sadly, my exact pair of “mom jeans high-rise” sold out quickly but I’ve been on the hunt to find some similar pairs. I’ve also been debating about purchasing a second pair because I love the style that much! I recently found this pair and this pair that are most comparable. I was also thinking of buying a pair of distressed denim or boyfriend style for spring and summer.

What are some of your favorite closet staples? 



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