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Monday, February 25, 2019


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Today I'm changing up the style of the blog post from the tradition OOTD to talk about one of my favorite accessories. An Apple watch wasn't even on my wish list when B gifted me one for my birthday this past fall. I was so overwhelmed with his generosity that I didn't even take it out of the box for over a week and a half before B told me to try it out. The watch came with a 30-day trial period, which was such a relief. During this time, you could set up the watch, try it out, and decided whether to keep it or not. It also gave me peace of mind that I could honestly use the watch in my day-to-day lifestyle to determine if I even liked it.

Naturally, since you are reading this post in February, I clearly decided to keep it.

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My hesitations:
At first, I was hesitant because it is such an expensive purchase!  Believe it or not, anytime I purchase something that is over $100 I have anxiety and often times it results in buyer's remorse. I absolutely despise the feeling of buyer's remorse because I work so hard for my money and allocate myself a certain amount of spending each month, that when I buy something and later regret it I feel so discouraged and upset with myself. To help combat buyer's remorse I think more practically. I purchase items that will go with my capsule wardrobe. So items that will mix and match with pieces I already own. For the most part, I often avoid trends. Lastly, I only buy things that offer free returns, it's so silly, but gives me total peace of mind. Then, once I get the item I keep it my house for a week, thinking of different ways to wear the item before fully committing.

My second hesitation was because I feared that I would become even more attached to my phone or social media. I worried it would take away and distract me from time with family and being present.

The Pro's
So obviously one of my biggest concerns was increasing the amount of time I spent on social media. However; since setting up my Apple Watch I have not noticed that I spend any increased amount of time spent on my phone or social media. I don't have my email or social media accounts, like Instagram, on my Watch. I don't even have notifications turned on my phone for emails or IG, so I didn't want to add a new feature into my routine. I know the time I have to dedicate to social media and the blog, I didn't want to suddenly make self-available 24/7. Having the watch has actually helped me check my phone less, which avoids getting lost in the "black hole" of social media. Instead, now when I reach for my phone, I am more intentional about it.

I love the workout features. Prior to the watch, I used the "Nike Run Club," it's a free app that helps you track various things during a workout.  However; using this app meant I had to run with my phone in my hand. I am definitely someone who is mind over matter, so I frequently like to check my pace, time, etc. but now, because the app is also compatible with the watch, I'm able to check my stats just by glancing at my wrist. Now I even use the app to track a high-interval training, such as my barre class.

Another activity features the watch has, separate from the Nike Run Club, are the "activity rings." This is probably my all-time favorite feature, similar to a Fitbit, the watch signals to me through a tiny buzz/vibration that is it "time to get up and move around" after I've been sitting for long periods of time. This reminds me to get up and move around for a least one minute before resuming to reading or other stationary activities.

Additionally, the watch also has the "breathe" feature. I'm not sure if this is intentional or by coincidence; however, I have noticed that whenever I'm feeling a bit stressed or worked up the watch sends another gentle buzz, reminding me to breathe. This activity takes one minute also but does wonders for reminding me daily to practice mindfulness.

Lastly, there is the "ping" feature. I don't ever lose things; however, I misplace things all the time. I am constantly looking for my keys, iPhone, wallet, etc. Now I have a feature on my watch, which allows me to "ping" my iPhone which then makes a loud beeping noise, helping me to locate my misplaced iPhone.

The con's 
It takes time to get used to it. For the longest time, I couldn't figure out how to get my favorite playlists set up with my watch. On my first attempt, I went out for a run only to realize I could listen to two songs on repeat. Needless to say, that run was cut short by the third loop around.

I do feel that I am a little more available since you can get text messages right to your wrist without having your phone near you. I need to future explore the settings to discover whether I can turn off receiving text messages based on if I'm working out or going into a meeting.

Lastly, the cost. Obviously, the price is the BIGGEST con. I mean it is SO expensive. This is not a purchase to be taken lightly. If you are someone who is always on the go and like to be up-to-date, receiving emails and text messages directly to your wrist will help you keep current. There are a lot of GREAT features that come with the watch that are customizable to fit your daily needs.

Other important things to note: 

  • There are a variety of bands available on Amazon, so you can find the one that best fits your style
  • The battery lasts over a day; however, I charge mine every day. But I'm not great about keeping my iPhone charged anyway. 
  • I don't and can't sleep with it. 



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