One piece, two different looks ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, March 25, 2019

One piece, two different looks

And just like that all the St. Patrick's Day celebrations have come to a close. Despite the cold, one thing New England does well is St. Patrick's Day parades and celebrations. There is at least one a weekend you can attend throughout the month of March. Just this Sunday, my friends and I met for brunch and attended the local parade. It's such a fun time to see everyone get dressed up, it somehow makes the cold a little more bearable. I can't believe this coming weekend is the last weekend of March 2019 is going quickly and I must say I am anxiously awaiting spring and the warmer weather. Easter is usually the true beginning of Spring for me. The weather is finally warm enough that we don't need to wear winter jackets to watch the family Easter egg hunt.


Look one:

tweed dress // earrings // jacket // pumps // bracelets here and here

Today's outfit is such a fun print for spring! Tweed is such a girlie print to me and it usually comes in the best pastel color, which just reminds me of spring. It also reminds me of Gossip Girl. This dress reminds me of something Blair would wear. Anyone else wish Gossip Girl would make a come back?

This dress is the perfect look for Easter Sunday and if my cousin didn't also already have it from the Loft Shopping Event I hosted, then I would definitely be wearing it. I also can't believe, it is already on sale and an additional 40% off. Depending upon your ideal style, you can pair this monochromatic, all pink hues like look one (pictured above), or opt for a chic denim jacket and sandals for a more casual look, like look two (pictured below).

Additionally, featured in look one is my new pink utility jacket. Obviously, Y'all know I am a pink girl so when I saw the typical "army green" utility jacket in a pink version I knew I had to treat myself to it. Although a bit more expensive than I usually like to spend I knew a lightweight jacket was a good staple in my closet. This item will be coming with us to SC as it serves as the perfect layering piece to pair with dresses on cool nights.

Look two:

tweed dress // earrings // jacket c/o Loft // sandals // bracelets here and here

I had so much fun making a second look just by changing my jacket and shoes! That's what's fun about making capsule wardrobes, a wardrobe that has only basics, allows you to create numerous looks because they are all complimentary and versatile. These wedges were one of my top 10 best purchases from last year. They are my most worn wedge, next to this pair. Read more about my top picks for spring in this blog post here.

Last night I shared a sneak peek of a look to come and got a little personal (check it out here)! With Easter quickly approaching, my Lent challenge has been on my mind. This year, I tried to do something that would help better myself. I can't believe how many people reached out and were so sweet!! It's hard to be that vulnerable and I wasn't sure I was even going to share!

But, for starters, I am SO grateful for every single thing in my life. I am healthy, my husband, family, and friends are healthy and I feel so lucky for all that we are blessed with. With that said, I can be really hard on myself. I tend to over think things, a lot, and often strive for perfection. So for Lent this year I'm trying to give us those ideas of perfection and to help, I just repurchased the hardcover Present Over Perfect to dive into! I highly recommend if anyone else wants a faith-based book or permission to not strive for perfection but imperfection.



  1. Just discovered your blog and already love it!! I also love LOFT!! You have great style, wish you posted more ofte !