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Monday, April 15, 2019

Out of Office...

exact wedges, similar more affordable option at $34.99 // exact hat 

Once again, B & I return to South Carolina for April school vacation. I am truly so grateful that I have married someone who also loves to travel like I do. We plan ahead so when the opportunity to travel arises we can take it. Although if you ask me, vacations are never long enough. At the same time, this means that we give up other things, like purchasing a new coffee table or my dream chair at Target. But as we all know, things/ money doesn't buy happiness... so here we are.


I'm writing today's post outside on our family friend's screened-in porch, with a cup coffee beside me, overlooking the view of their neighbor's palm tree and the early morning sunrise.
(Insert poor quality photo- but wanted y'all to have the full effect)

I am the only morning person in the house & I LOVE IT. Our first time visiting, Mr. & Mrs. E (our lovely hostess) felt that they had to get up early with me to make sure I wasn't alone, had everything I needed, etc. Now, they say goodnight and know that I enjoy my morning time to read and blog. I appreciate this time I'm able to dedicate to blogging and maintaining my Instagram so that I can later be present throughout the day. This time also allows me to get caught up on some much-needed pleasure reading.

Our first day was adventure filled and not in a way that we had anticipated. Upon our arrival to the airport Friday afternoon after work, we were immediately informed that we were already scheduled to miss our connecting flight. Words no one wants to hear. They tried to have us reschedule our travel day until Saturday, but B & I said we would take another option.

Thankfully, we did take the alternative option because after waiting, hoping, and praying, we made it off of standby onto the last flight into our final destination in SC arriving at the early morning time of 1:30am. However; this also meant that we didn't spend the night at the airport. We knew taking the standby flight meant our luggage would not make it. Luckily, being the over-thinker that I am, I packed an extra outfit and a few other essentials.

  exact earrings // exact wedges, similar more affordable option at $34.99 // exact hat 

For today's outfit, I paired white with cream, something I wouldn't typically do. I usually worry about pairing an off-white or cream color with plain white, but all the fashion rules have basically gone out the windown now-a-days. So my rule now is, if I love it & feel good in it, then it works. It also supports my goal of less negative and more positive thoughts! Both my sweater & jeans are under $25. I was so excited to share both of these items because they are pieces that you will see me wear time and time again.

Y'all are probably sick of hearing about these wedges, but my wedges and  hat are two accessories that I always bring with me on trips and look forward to styling in the spring & summer. Although a bit pricy for both, they are 100% worth the investment. Both are amazing quality and a style that will last seasons to come.

Lastly, one things every girl NEEDS is a denim jacket  A denim jacket is a clsoet staple that is great to tie around your waist before heading out to dinner. They are easily layered on top of any outfit for extra warmth. Denim jackets are also so popular that you can find the color, wash, or fit that's perfect for you!
Shop some of my favorite denim jackets: 

*the Old Navy ones are super cute, but are not long enough in the arms for me.
Speaking of positive thoughts... 
Over the weekend, Sunday am to be exact, I accomplished one of my long standing blogging goals. Sunday morning, LIKEtoKNOW.it (the company that works with the affiliate links I use) featured ME on their Instagram account that has 3.1 Million followers. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Yep! This just happened and I couldn't be happier.

I don't think bloggers share enough about some of the struggles or goals of blogging. Getting featured on LIKEtoKNOW.it for me is a huge "nod" or "cheers" to all my hard work. It acknolwedges and celebrates my style as an influencer. Some bloggers have immediate success and get featured early on in their career, for me, the journey hasn't been as easy. I started my instagram and blog just over three years ago with NO experience in marketing, coding, photography, etc. I have taken a lot of risks and made a lot of mistakes, and at the same time have just lived and enjoyed the process. There are SO many days I would get discouraged and exeprience self-doubt that I wasn't good enough for the blogging industry. But thanks to my supportive, husband, parents, friends and ALL of YOU, who believed in me and continued to follow RosesandRainBoots, two years later... here was are!

My first feature. 

PS. everytime you make a purchase using one of my affiliate links or shop my products in the LIKEtoKNOW.it app you are supporting RosesandRainBoots and helping to make things like getting featured a possibility! 
(purchases made in store apps, like the amazon app or using paypal do not earn bloggers any commision.)

So, this is my  "nod" or "cheers" to all of YOU. Thank you!!



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