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Monday, April 22, 2019

white dress @ the marsh walk

 exact dress // exact hat // exact crossbody // exact sneakers 
necklace (in order of length) 1. choker, 2. disc, 3. horn // similar bracelets 

He is not here, He HAS RISEN! Just as He said. Matthew 28:6 

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Every year my parents, grandparents, and now B, gather for a sunrise service at the beach. It's a truly breathtaking experience. The views from atop of the mountain overlooking the ocean and watching the sunrise just reinforce the message of Easter. The service itself, while short is beautiful. A few of the local ministers and pastors from all denominations of churches gather to partake in a celebration of the Lord. I love that for one day a year we are able to set aside differences, come together and rejoice. 

This year for Lent I tried to make a mindset shift. To focus on worrying, overthinking, all the things. While it's been a HUGE challenge, I am overwhelmed with the positive changes and success I have recently received. It just reinforces to me how important it is to live and think positively and as a result, good things will come.  


ME: exact dress // exact hat // exact crossbody // exact sneakers // exact denim jacket
necklace (in order of length) 1. choker, 2. disc, 3. horn  // similar bracelets

B: exact polo (size tall) // similar shorts // exact sneakers  

Every year, B & I are blessed with the opportunity to visit family friends in South Carolina. This is a vacation I look forward to year after year. I appreciate that Mr. & Mrs. E graciously offer to host us. They are genuinely two of the best people I know. For a family that has endured their own suffering, they have chosen to live and to live fully. We love visiting them and cherish our time together.

While visiting, we took our annual trip down to the Marsh Walk. This is probably my favorite place to visit. They have baby goats that live on the island just past us in the pictures. The goats were just brought back from their winter vacation and returned to SC, where they will remain through the fall. They are so cute!

While at the marsh walk, one can enjoy a walk along the dock which is lined with restaurants, lights, and live music. Following you can take a walk out onto the pier and enjoy the evening sunset over the water. There is also a raised bicycle boat (not sure what the proper name for it is) that you can paddle and sip on some drinks while you cruise around the marsh. I think I may have to convince Mr & Mrs. E to gather some friends for us to try this next year!

Featured in today's post is an oldie but favorite. I have had this dress for going on three years now. Although a bit pricy, it is worth the money. Although, I may have to warn you that it is dry clean only. For this look, I paired it with some new accessories for a chic and on-trend new look. I am loving the way little sneakers look paired with some of my more formal sundresses. This style totally increases the versatility of the dress.

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