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Monday, October 21, 2019

how to decorate your porch for fall

Good morning & happy Monday!

I am super excited about today's post because I'm sharing a different passion of mine, decorating. As much as I love fashion, I equally love decorating our home. When B & I first met, decorating our house was not a priority for him, and after some reasoning and some visualizing, he now gets into it with me. While my vision usually drives the decorating, I want B to enjoy our home as well, so compromises are always important.

Let's get to it!


First of all, set a budget and do your research! Like all things, my intention is not for anyone to overspend. B and I talk seasonally about things that are coming up & what we both agree to spend on certain things. One thing I wanted to budget for this year was decorating our porch for fall. We ended up shopping at four different places to ensure we were getting the best price for everything as well. Locally, there is a garden center that sells the best mums around, at conveniently the cheapest cost too! They are so good that I even brought a few to friends' houses as different occasions popped up.

Additionally, B & I took a day trip into Rhode Island to get some of the pumpkins. I discovered this garden center due to my aunt's recommendation. I am fortunate enough to have worked in a flower nursery for six years and have a mother and aunt who are serious gardeners! I realize these pumpkins were not the cheapest, but they were most definitely the best. The garden center had so many pumpkins to offer that I was able to handpick my favorites. Then later, we made a stop to Trader Joe's to pick up some $6.99 filler pumpkins.

We finished the front porch when we came across cornstalks, on our family bike ride through the quiet corner of CT. On that day, we spent the day biking 16 miles around to various local garden centers, where we found the most beautiful cornstalks. These have to be the biggest cornstalks we have come across. The stalks are so tall; they stand on the ground next to our steps in order to fit. This one was also a deal because we were each given a gift certificate to use at the garden centers that day.

Furthermore, to help save costs, we had my mother-in-law make us some seat cushions last year as a Christmas gift. They are zippered around our previous seat cushions, so they are dual-functioning. My co-worker also gave me a tip when I shared an in-progress picture of the porch that had a green container for one of the planters that I stated was throwing off my vision. My co-worker recommended that I paint the container, and she even shared some paint with us!

Hope you enjoyed today's post! Have you decorate for fall?



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