10 things to purchase from Amazon ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

10 things to purchase from Amazon

Amazon, where would we be with without you?? It's such a one-stop shopping center. And your purchases arrives in two-days with free shipping (if you have Prime). And if you don't have Prime, that should be your FIRST purchase. You will absolutely get your money's worth.


Pretty City London/ Coffee table books.
I fell in love with this account on Instagram and the book is even better! She not only offers the BEST insider scoop of things to do in London, she also photography tips. In general, Amazon is my go-to place for coffee table books.

Charging Station.
I put this charging station on my gift guides for Christmas and got one from B last year, that we had to upgrade this year to include my AirPods and it's amazing. It keeps everything so organized, I am no longer searching for my missing charging cord, since I always charge them in the same place. It also, saves space and keeps everything neat and tidy on my nightstand.

AirPods Case Cover.
It sounds so silly to purchase a case for your case, but it's so worth it. The AirPods case doesn't come with the ability to hook it to anything and for someone like me, who would loose her head if it wasn't attached, this case allows me to hook my AirPods case to the inside of my bag.

Echo, otherwise known as "Alexa"
There seems to be a misconception that you need the larger Alexa in order for it to work, but you actually don't. You can use all the amenities Alexa has to offer with just the dot, which also saves space. We use her for various things, to set multiple cooking timers, to check the weather forecast, to turn on & off lights, and to listen to music.

Makeup case.
This makeup case is so good! I love that it keeps everything organized in one place. I had a different travel bag, but it didn't fit into my suitcase, which has two parts that each zip. This travel case is also completely customizable to accommodate all your various beauty products. My goal this year is to use it at least once a month, meaning I hope B and I can plan a getaway monthly, even if it's for only one night.

Bow Headbands.
These headbands are so good for saving your hair. As a blonde, getting makeup in your hair can easily make clean hair looks dirty, it just makes the blonde look dingy. This headband helps keep hair away from my face, while applying makeup. Same goes for my nighttime routine. It helps keep hair out of my face when washing up for the night.

Hair towel.
I am THAT girl and have been for years. I use a separate towel to dry my hair. I have really fine hair, get it highlighted, and curl it all the time. As a result, I try to be extra careful with my haircare to ensure my locks stay healthy, and one way of doing that is by using a soft towel, that won't strip your hair of it's natural nutrients.

I've been ordering all my sunglasses from Amazon lately. While I believe everyone needs that one good pair of polarized sunglasses for days at the beach, I love a fun pair to elevate my look, make a statement, or to just throw in my bag, because let's face it, who hasn't sat on a pair of sunglasses before or lost one?

Leopard Watch Band.
I saw this watch band over the summer and had to scoop it up! I wear it working out and running and the print has held.

Lastly, THE Amazon jacket.
I get questions all the time if this jacket is really worth the hype?? And I'm here to reassure that it is. It is legit. It's so warm and I love the color. It's also the perfect length since it covers the front and the back, making it great for pairing with leggings. I was wearing it into work the other day, when a coworker stopped me to share how much she loved my jacket! It's that good y'all, so get your while you can.



  1. I've been looking for a new makeup case - this one looks perfect!