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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

a weekend recap

exact sweater // similar denim (same brand) // exact pumps 
similar bag here and here // exact necklace

Good Morning! I hope most of you had yesterday off as we honored one of the greatest civil rights leader and public speaker of all time, Martin Luther King Jr.

I was in a classroom the other day and the teacher was sharing some of her favorite bits and pieces of MLK's speeches to help educate students on two things: the power of words and why we had Monday off from school. Along with others, she reminded students about one of MLK's most memorable quotes "What are you doing for others?" It's great to see how far society has come in many aspects, and despite it all being kind and helping others are still at the core of it all!


exact sweater // similar denim (same brand) // exact pumps 
similar bag here and here // exact necklace 

Over the weekend, B & and I FINALLY watched The Greatest Showman. Have y'all seen it?? It is SO good. For starters, it's based on the true story of Barnum starting the circus in a time when society needed extra joy. Apparently, a lot of the costumes even came from the original circus. Furthermore, the choreography, singing, and songs, in general, are just amazing! I don't know why we waited so long to watch this movie. Since our viewing, I've downloaded the soundtrack and listened to it frequently,  let's be honest, on repeat.

Also, over the weekend, I did a HUGE closet clean-out and to reevaluate what I was holding on too and only save the items that bring me joy. I donated so many items that are no longer fitting my style, and it felt SO good. I found that the things I was donated were items that I purchased because they were on sale or a good deal but didn't really fit that great and the items that I keep are classic pieces. While these jeans, bag, and pumps are all splurges they are all pieces that I've had, used, and loved for many seasons and feel great every time I wear them. While I now open a closet that looks emptier, I only see details that I genuinely love and am excited to wear.

I mentioned in my previous post here that I'm challenging myself to use all my handbags in the next couple of months. I often get in the habit of re-wearing my favorite items and accessories (especially if I purchase something new) and want to try reusing all my favorite pieces. What's one thing in your closet you are going to challenge yourself to re-wear?



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