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Monday, January 27, 2020

everything you need to know about hair extensions

Back in September, I had the opportunity to get hair extensions. I was pumped! I had been influenced by all the influencers for so long that I desperately craved hair extensions for the length and volume. I have super fine straight hair and always struggle to get volume. I do find that when I use a curling wand, my hair has more volume, but I have to be careful because of heat damage. So when the opportunity came for me to finally try out hair extensions, I jumped at the chance. And truth be told, I'm so happy I did.

So grab your cup of coffee because today I'm excited to be spilling the tea, dishing the REAL truth, about wearing hair extensions.


Where is the salon? 
I go to Amanti Salon in Wethersfield, Connecticut. I recently started going there in the fall and instantly fell in love with Melissa, the owner, and all the girls there. It's a small salon, so the girls take time to get to know you. It's a bit of a drive for me, but I love working with them and consider it worth it. They also have the BEST hours, they are open from 9am-7pm to completely accommodate your schedule! Like all hair salons, the best times (evenings and Saturdays) fill up fast, so it's best to book your appointments over a month out. I always make my next appointment with Melissa before I leave. Be sure to follow them on Instagram, here.

Can you workout with hair extensions?

Ah, I feel like I am caught red-handed with this question. I have not worked out in so long, so I can't really speak to this. But I do go for daily walks or a short run regularly and treat my hair as if I would without hair extensions. Basically, Dry shampoo is life! I really only have to wash my hair once, maybe twice a week.

What does it feel like?
The first two nights can feel a little tight, but honestly, you get so used to them that you don't even notice they are there. The hair extensions are attached in rows, most people have two. The rows typically go all the way around your head. I like the idea of rows because I can easily section my hair and care for hair extensions. The only time that can be challenging is showering.

What's the care like? 
For me, I wash my hair once/twice a week and use a special shampoo for my extensions and a purple conditioner to keep my hair from turning "yellow." I am careful when scrubbing my scalp to be mindful of the rows. Following, I brush my hair. You HAVE to brush your hair from the bottom-up, which actually helps prevent breakage with natural hair. Then, I let my hair rough dry for as long as I have time for and follow-up it up with a blowdryer. This was the most significant change for me because I have let my hair dry for years, I didn't even have a hairdryer when I first got my extensions. And I'm good to for the day. Lastly,  I always brush it and pull it back before bed.

What's the installation process?
It's actually so cool! First, they start by sectioning the hair and attaching beads to small sections of hair. *This is a crucial step, good salons are careful to not grab stray hairs. Then, they attach a string that goes from bead to bead that that extensions attach, are sewed, too. This method ensures less
stress on your natural hair, which is why I went with this method. After the rows are attached, the roots of the extensions are colored to match my natural hair, for a perfect blend. Following my hair is washed and glazed and ends with a blow out. *At this time, we aren't cutting my natural hair, we are choosing to let it grow out.
All in all, this process is also a labor of love! Your stylist commits hours to ensuring each section is carefully attached.

Why would you get hair extensions? 
I wanted hair extensions to give my natural hair a break. I heard, it actually helps your natural hair grow. I felt like my natural hair was just getting so thin at the ends and wasn't growing anymore, and hair extensions gave me that length I was seriously craving. And, like I mentioned before, I was looking for more volume!

Before I went, I did my research. The new "natural beaded rows" "habit tied" "hand-tied" hair extensions were all the rage, they are also supposed to be the best for your natural hair. There are other forms of hair extensions, such as tape-ins (I have not had this type) that are more affordable but, in my opinion, less natural and more difficult to care for since the extensions are all over your head. Plus tape-in's require an adhesive be applied directly to your natural hair, which isn't great for fine hair.

After wearing hair extensions for four months now, I can honestly say they are exactly what I thought they would be. They do require extra care, but I have to wash my hair way less frequently and when I do style it, the curls seriously last for days. I did originally have high hopes of wearing it up and styling it in lots of braids; however, I have yet to do this. I find that by the time I wash it, dry it, and curl it, I have no interest in trying a new hair style. Maybe I'll get ambitious, but for now I'm happy with them.

All in all, my two big takeaways: I'm surprised at how much my natural hair is growing and getting hair extensions has helped me to take more risks. I used to be so afraid to make any sort of change when it came to my hair, extensions have actually helped inspire me to try new things. 



*Thank you to Amanti Salon for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.



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